Irish Times (Crosaire) - Oct 13 2021

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Clues Answers
At the start of the game, leave the pavilion to dismiss a nightwatchman? RUNOUT
Banks of Interlaken, Switzerland, move slowly INCH
Brie coming out of Gobi Desert is lumpy in an indigestible way STODGE
By all means, get rid of yes-man from The Globe BALL
Change of heart on social media about one who is not a sore loser is not fair UNSPORTSMANLIKE
Community associated with the foreign court in charge of type dealing with a range of sources ECLECTIC
Danish extremes of pastoral poetry PASTRY
Daring characters up in Seanad lobbying BOLD
Do a U-turn as apes jump out of plane trees RELENT
Drug is always charged to one in the pharmacy POTION
Evidence of deposits on one side of The Liffey associated with Dubliners? BANKBOOK
Guess feast day? ASSUMPTION
Hounds those arrested by Boris Godunov on reflection DOGS
Legend gets nothing from tennis, from fight in the ring or from one of the handy types in golf? GLOVEBOX
Clues Answers
Local drugs to blow your mind perhaps from Panama HEADGEAR
Most of the bias in papers in Cuba, for example ISLAND
Number Two record included in The Mission? DEPUTY
One may have to have it out in The Theatre or in a book APPENDIX
Pop Idol's three on the radio producing a favourite of The Carpenters SOLIDOAK
Popular time to be cheeky at school as local muscles in INTRUDES
Readers put out by those opposing arrivals DEPARTURES
Single by star, cut in concert hall in the old days, is perfect NONESUCH
Snaky types of bard from Barbados BOAS
Swallowed up by Gallinago gallinago waiting with bated breath AGOG
Swinger's warning about old city commotion furore
Those getting kicked out of The Sands perhaps with a church graduate taken in by church ringers BEACHBALLS
Vehicles for undesirables shunning Ireland BUSES
Your setter might not want to share this, as it's a snack for one of those in 10 across DOGBISCUIT