The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,643 - Apr 7 2021

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Clues Answers
... and approve when posted ASSENT
A measure of distress is terribly relative SISTER
A team's unrelated remarks ASIDES
Accept a rise and go away TAKEAHIKE
Box car past its best CRATE
Crustaceans cook finally found on stream KRILL
Dashing family mostly involved in outbreak RAKISH
Discover area covered by the French navy ... LEARN
Europeans ruined Paris and east of Calais SPANIARDS
Food found by two men on board round back of larder KINGPRAWN
Fresh greens with meat pie oddly unavailable in conservation area SERENGETI
Gather English literature must be rejected as barren INFERTILE
Group of trees manage to conceal skinhead? COPSE
Heard result of injury, makes tea BREWS
I can rave, supporting European traveller ITINERANT
Island group getting central points in arguments KEYSTONES
Clues Answers
Language of answer found in copy CARIB
Panda car wrecked during police officer's round BEARCAT
Plenty must support vacant zombie fanatic ZEALOT
Problem of Beethoven perhaps, sacking the first three POSER
Pubs full of unusually clean stickers BARNACLES
Pulls in listeners across north EARNS
Reward from bishop -- our treat BONUS
Save son caught parking on edge SCRIMP
Set my clues lacking any regular form STYLE
So bereft -- a disastrous meal ROASTBEEF
Son has no trousers SLACKS
Stretch script with no beginning and finish EXTEND
Tosses half of butter for main dish LOBSTER
Unable to get enough working at sea in it INSATIATE
Volunteers with only daughter having claws TALONED
Where a presenter might have words having reported heavy traffic? AUTOCUE