The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,375 - Feb 22 2021

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Clues Answers
Awkward person playing charades HARDCASE
Change after a boxing match, as soldiers may be ordered ABOUTTURN
Conflicted, paired off to maintain attention INTWOMINDS
Control working and income DOMINANCE
English in clothes for stylish people DUDES
Explosion, after which children all fall down? ATISHOO
Give one's view, nothing long OPINE
Gun shop price war may show value of money PURCHASINGPOWER
In the car, I take the wheel AXLE
Is very nervous of locks DREADS
Leave, almost completely QUIT
Needing exercise, one circles a furlong UNFIT
One in a rush to claim riches involved demon girl GOLDMINER
Opening foreign letter with edge of thumb makes bad mark STIGMA
Prepare war orders for Flying Squad REDARROWS
Clues Answers
Record how old we are to dampen enthusiasm DISCOURAGE
Relaxing in an exam covering one of the three basics? ATREST
Road sorely in need of repair sooner than usual EARLYDOORS
Sort of brief observation WATCHING
Sudden chill: mild illnesses need sleep COLDSNAP
Tongue's fur due for scraping URDU
Travel protected by explosive weapon TRIDENT
Two bottles unfinished? This situation benefits us both WINWIN
Wait to eat a Malaysian dish SATAY
Wall painting survives, higher LASTSUPPER
Went for a drive; may it have been clocked? USEDCAR
With words of acceptance, married: later so alone WIDOWED
Woman's meeting daughter in crowd HERD
Work of editor extremely desirable TODIEFOR