The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,081 - Nov 8 2020

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Clues Answers
A cat bit ATOM
A huge amount, almost all discordant ATONAL
Absent-minded drunk armed with gin DREAMING
Bankrupt corralling politician -- that is most rough BUMPIEST
Being gone for ages, call father back APEMAN
Boater at once is fashionable CANOEIST
Bouquet held by soprano serenely NOSE
Broke, as I spend a lot INSPADES
Building work I check inside arena RIVETING
Cold -- quite rotten? OFFISH
Conclusion: finished twice! UPSHOT
Cooler marketing is working PRISON
Crystal: good in possession of pirate? CUTGLASS
Dark image when commercial breaks appear SHADOW
Deep hole, better WELL
Difficult second book HARDBACK
Clues Answers
Go like a commercial vehicle? VANISH
Greek god, model with sculpture of Odin POSEIDON
Layer of eggs on cheese for a moment BRIEFLY
Limbs eels and frog misplaced FORELEGS
Log on string RECORD
Name the cooking gas METHANE
Nothing, like a lot LOVE
One having been blown away, realise winds close again RESEAL
Passionate character in book is serenaded KISSER
Perfect life initially occupying dirty home -- really? HONESTLY
Photograph place for event SHOTPUT
References in Thai sure to require translation THESAURI
Run through with stake, I look anaemic! IMPALE
Scrap pinched by adversary, look around for food FORAGE
Standard ablaze in dock QUALITY
Wisest of the wise perhaps receiving first of awards, in act of generosity BESTOWAL