Wall Street Journal - Nov 21 2020 - Working on Commission

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Clues Answers
“Enough already!” IGIVE
“Goosebumps” writer STINE
“Sands of Iwo Jima” director Dwan ALLAN
“Slide” at many weddings CHACHA
“You’re telling ME,” in texts IKR
6/6/1944 DDAY
Abandon a position SELL
Ant-Man’s colleague WASP
Any of four won by BTS in 2020 VMA
Architect Mies van der ___ ROHE
Away from shore ASEA
Bach’s “___ the G String” AIRON
Banned refrigerants CFCS
Bayer brand ALEVE
Be agreeable SAYYES
Be litigious SUE
Better like cheddar AGED
Bit in a shepherd’s pie PEA
Blow like a cinder cone SPEW
Blue stone LAPIS
Bone of the middle ear STIRRUP
Book unit LEAF
Brief life? BIO
Bummed out SAD
Caffeine-free brew MINTTEA
Capricious nature WHIMSY
Carry on WAGE
Celebrations for total failures? PITYPARTIES
Character voiced by Beyoncé in 2019 NALA
Chicago exchange, for short MERC
Cinco follower SEIS
Civil rights leader Wells IDA
Cloak-and-dagger org CIA
Cointreau flavoring ORANGE
Collaborator with Blake on “Happy Anywhere” GWEN
Come down with something FALLILL
Convenience store MART
Creole chef Chase LEAH
Crew member OAR
Cry from the ravenous? CAW
D&D, e.g RPG
Data-gathering bots WEBSCRAPERS
DNA kit tool SWAB
Doubled, a Hawaiian food fish MAHI
Economical restaurant order TAPWATER
Eeyore type MOPER
Excel unit ROW
Explorer with an Antarctic Sea named for him ROSS
Fail to keep off the grass? TOKE
Fangorn denizens ENTS
Fast break? EASTER
Feller in a tussle RASSLER
Femme ___ FATALE
First-rate, in hip-hop BADDEST
Fix, as a post EDIT
Fixed worn kicks RESOLED
Fluffy bunnies ANGORAS
Flying a blue, pink and white flag, perhaps TRANS
Fodder for whodunits MURDERS
Free-range fowl HEN
French article LES
Fury IRE
Game leaders EMCEES
Gasp at, maybe REACTTO
Great Lakes tribe ERIE
Greek antagonist ARES
Happy colleague DOC
His flight took 108 minutes from launch to landing GAGARIN
Hoppy brew ALE
Humorous cartoons, for Demetri Martin SHTICK
Clues Answers
In the future AHEAD
In the past AGO
Instrument that typically has 47 strings HARP
Interpretive freedom, or the authorization to produce each work in this puzzle? ARTISTICLICENSE
It comes before quattro TRE
Its orbit takes about 93 min ISS
John’s dance partner in “Pulp Fiction” UMA
Lascivious creep LETCH
Male’s unconscious feminine side, to Jung ANIMA
Mao’s successor HUA
Mariah Carey’s “Anytime You ___ Friend” NEEDA
Mashed potatoes, in a shepherd’s pie TOPLAYER
Mena of “Love & Hip Hop” ERICA
MSNBC’s Melber ARI
Nebraska tribe OMAHAS
Nickelodeon show from 2007 to 2012 ICARLY
Oil industry prefix PETRO
Out of the wind ALEE
Paper income source ADS
Patron’s request of Andy Warhol, resulting in “Marilyn Diptych”? FASHIONICONS
Patron’s request of Auguste Rodin, resulting in “The Gates of Hell”? CREATEANOPENING
Patron’s request of Hokusai, resulting in “The Great Wave”? MAKEASPLASH
Patron’s request of Jacques-Louis David, resulting in “The Death of Marat”? DRAWABATH
Patron’s request of Robert Indiana, resulting in the “LOVE” sculpture? FORMLETTERS
Patron’s request of Vincent Van Gogh, resulting in “Café Terrace at Night”? PAINTTHETOWN
Person bound for the Capitol SENATORELECT
Person-shaped board game tokens MEEPLES
Peter Parker portrayer Holland TOM
Poetic measures FEET
Pride and Jazz, for two FESTS
Producer of Round Stic pens BIC
Producer’s hope HIT
Quarterback’s call PLAY
Racing booster NITRO
Ran through the lab TESTED
Reddit Q&A session AMA
Response units for crash victims? ITTEAMS
Restroom sign MEN
Roped in ENTICED
Ruckuses ADOS
Run up INCUR
Selective Service designation ONEA
Selma’s state ALABAMA
Sentimental song BALLAD
Set down roots RESIDE
Sites of some seizures in arcades CLAWMACHINES
Slightly nippy COLDISH
Slow movement LARGO
Smoothie flavor BANANA
Snaking turns ESSES
Sounds from pounds ARFS
Spoke Siamese? MEWED
Spots to let off a lot of steam SAUNAS
Starting proposition PREMISE
Tenant no more EVICTEE
The Big Easy NOLA
They have canopies FORESTS
Tight beachwear SPEEDOS
Troubles EATSAT
Ultimate LAST
Umbrella piece RIB
Walk all over TRAMPLE
Washington Monument setting MALL
Words with a certain ring IDO
Worn, perhaps USED
Wraps up ENDS