Family Time - Nov 20 2023

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Clues Answers
'' ___ the ramparts we...'' OER
''It's safe now'' (2 words) ALLCLEAR
1,000 megs of storage GIGABYTE
1980s pop music staple SYNTH
7, a way-old way VII
Accumulate days to one's life AGE
Ad-___ (improvise) LIB
Animal vet or medic DOC
Apple coating for Halloween CARAMEL
Bassoon or clarinet piece REED
Big fat pig's home STY
Blemish STAIN
Certain upholstered piece SETTEE
Comment to a dentist? AAH
Consumed giblets ATE
Cul-de-___ (rounded dead-ends) SACS
Dude or homey BRO
Farm bird good for rodent control (2 words) BARNOWL
Fish eating eagle ERNE
Foundation or cornerstone BASIS
Fowl in Australia, way-big EMU
Fuel source COAL
GPS alternatives MAPS
Half or full wrestling hold NELSON
High German dialect YIDDISH
Hole in a shoe EYELET
Horrible thing to inhale CIGARETTE
In ___ of (rather than) LIEU
Landed after a sky dive ALIT
Last number in countdowns ONE
Leave off a list OMIT
Clues Answers
Like God's home HEAVENLY
Like Red Ridinghood? LITTLE
Mississippi River mouth DELTA
Muhammad of boxing fame ALI
On what date WHEN
Out of whack AMISS
Pep talk givers INSPIRERS
Place for pews NAVE
Plant moving up walls IVY
Plum relatives SLOES
Poker pay-in ANTE
Prefix with rust or freeze ANTI
Put down, as floor tiles LAY
Reason for inflation? AIR
Requiring medical attention ILL
Sandwich shop DELI
Server's serving thing TRAY
Showed the way LED
Star's representative AGENT
Stringent STERN
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Toothpaste container TUBE
Trending social-media object MEME
Type of bread RYE
Type of fish TUNA
Wee circle DOT
Wee home wrecker? TERMITE
What an old mattress might do SAG
What the neighbor's cat is PET
Whistle rattling veggie? PEA