The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,874 - Jun 22 2022

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Clues Answers
Amazed to have time for hotel available for sale STOCKED
Attractive girl learning flower arrangement? LORELEI
Body blows felt by bridge supremos? SPANKINGS
Book departure EXODUS
Business operator's spread is covered by charge FRANCHISEE
Case after case of spice drug SEDATIVE
Condemn study on wild cat DENOUNCE
Derby tip perhaps gets you fed up! CHEESEDOFF
Design of lace gave a degree of separation CLEAVAGE
Faces assaults publicly MUGS
Fuzz arrests recidivist, finding rifle PILLAGE
Gambles keeping on new hoods BONNETS
Hearing of people without coats LACQUERS
Insects may be environmentally friendly fishing lures GREENFLIES
Join assault, needing help initially to supplant Korean leader ATTACH
Clues Answers
Liquor store cashier uncovered slick breach of the law OFFENCE
Look on the radio for docking facility PIER
Made an effort, seeing queen in range STROVE
Make a deep impression and the rest start to hope ETCH
Messiah who speaks before missionary essentially follows? ORATORIO
Old Italian coin, one of five found after evacuating Syracuse SEQUIN
Rolls hybrid engaging international workers CROISSANTS
Such wordy constructs bother memory within a second ANAGRAMS
Trudge along, finding answer during journeys east TRAIPSE
Undaunted and home on time with pride broken INTREPID
Unhappy destiny of men ultimately employed by new city desk STICKYEND
Used to hear company invested in gold getting endless criticism ACOUSTIC
Water in Ireland rising ERIE
Widow's advice to those wanting a flutter? DOWAGER
Withdraw cash SCRATCH