Universal - Nov 23 2021

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Clues Answers
"As I was sayin' ..." ANYHOO
"Best in Show" org AKC
"Eso Beso" singer Paul ANKA
"Me again!" IMBACK
"Peachy keen!" NEATO
"Shop ___ You Drop" TIL
"The Lion King" queen NALA
"The Music Man" state IOWA
"Well done!" GOOD
"What a shame!" SOSAD
Abbr. in a proof QED
Animal pairs' boat ARK
Anti-crime org.'s D.C. base FBIHQ
Apt-sounding name for a gardener LON
Arch shape, maybe PARABOLA
Behave theatrically EMOTE
Big name in body spray AXE
Billiards surface TABLE
Buddhist sect ZEN
Candy in a dispenser PEZ
Chats with online, in a way SKYPES
Cheetah's pride SPEED
Comedian Margaret whose surname is hidden in "Watch out!" CHO
Computer that runs Monterey MAC
Concert setting ARENA
Conclude END
COVID vaccine molecule RNA
Desire to be on stage ACTINGBUG
DJs once spun them LPS
Dressed like, for a costume party CAMEAS
Equally weighted BALANCED
Fare served with beer PUBGRUB
Food bank container CAN
Fortune-teller's device CRYSTALBALL
Gadot of "Wonder Woman" GAL
Gallant guy GENT
Golf peg TEE
Had to do (with) DEALT
Haute couture initials YSL
Clues Answers
Highway entrance ONRAMP
Himeji structure with moats CASTLE
International agreements PACTS
K.T. of country OSLIN
Kuwaitis, say ARABS
Light-headed GIDDY
Matches up SYNCS
Minor role BITPART
One of 78 in this puzzle: Abbr ANS
One-named "Thank You" singer DIDO
Opposite of cons PROS
Org. for drivers AAA
Org. that regulates cosmetics FDA
Pair of roommates? EMS
Person with will power? EXECUTOR
Person you revere IDOL
Pestering HASSLING
Pick up dinner, perhaps? SMELL
Put away dinner, perhaps? ATE
Put on a show PLAYAGIG
Reunion attendee, for short ALUM
Same-sex marriage and others, or a hint to the last letters of both words of 16-, 23-, 34-, 37- and 48-Across LGBTQRIGHTS
Second-to-last Greek letter PSI
Shoe honoring NBA great O'Neal SHAQATTAQ
Sinks, as a short putt TAPSIN
Stats that geniuses may compare IQS
Still steady UNSHAKEN
Stimpy's pal REN
Studio that co-produced "No Time to Die" MGM
Swanky POSH
Touch base again TAGUP
Use a crowbar PRY
Wheel for hoisting things PULLEY
When Juliet asks "Wherefore art thou Romeo?" ACTTWO
Wiimote batteries AAS
Worship PRAYTO
___ carte ALA
___ Lama DALAI
___ Lanka SRI