The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,729 - Oct 12 2021

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Clues Answers
Bond following hit comedy SLAPSTICK
Brothers over six feet? Too much to ask TALLORDER
Certain island behind fraud CONCRETE
Collar uneven, by the sound of it? RUFF
Crossword writer's work background SETTING
Don: boy biting cheek SLIPON
Drunk has arrived -- ha! SOTHERE
Endless cricket initially boring as tennis, surprisingly INCESSANT
Firmly established capitals of Togo, Eritrea and Djibouti found on map PLANTED
Fruit pots from China SATSUMA
Jelly, equally still ASPIC
Listening to children, give up CEDE
Lower a rail so diverted underneath church CHAROLAIS
Material on floor in prison I levered up LINO
Minister plugging domestic work record DIRECTORY
Clues Answers
Minute arachnid TICK
Natural reaction isn't unusual in case of cat INSTINCT
Noticeable beating STRIKING
OK taking touch before heavy weight lifted NOTBAD
Party nominators toyed with desperate choice (3,4,2,1,5) ANYPORTINASTORM
Perfect, best boy behind you, finally UTOPIAN
Pester hearty on tour of ship HASSLE
Rank deal: more cut off EARLDOM
Red mullet's tail by itself, cooked LEFTIST
Rounding first of defenders, briefly follow winger GODWIT
Salute, installing leader of government in nautical post TOPMAST
Standard features with military badge STARSANDSTRIPES
The same ludicrous papers sent over DITTO
Therefore, one in airport has found way out SOLUTION
Very rare comic PRICELESS