Wall Street Journal - Feb 22 2021 - Middle School

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Clues Answers
“American Smooth” poet Dove RITA
“Ask me later” ICANTNOW
“Point taken” ISEE
“Semper Fi” org USMC
“This doesn’t look good...” UHOH
“___ Drives Me Crazy” (Fine Young Cannibals hit) SHE
151, in old Rome CLI
All alternative NONE
Animal carrier, of a sort ARK
App documentation file, perhaps README
Beavers’ creations DAMS
Bother ANNOY
Brewed beverage TEA
California-Nevada lake TAHOE
Catch sight of ESPY
Chicago airport OHARE
Common font ARIAL
Connection point NODE
Continental coin EURO
Degree seeker’s ordeal PAPERCHASE
Develop, as a skill HONE
Does a lawn chore MOWS
Exhibiting good judgment WISE
Exhibiting good judgment SAGE
Family member, for short BRO
Fashion designer Cassini OLEG
Fitness trainers design them WORKOUTROUTINES
Flanders red ale, for example SOURBEER
Foot-stamping performers FLAMENCODANCERS
Founder of the Academy PLATO
Garden tools HOES
Glade grazer DEER
Gooey French cheese BRIE
Gourmet burger condiment AIOLI
Grammar sticklers, say PEDANTS
Greek letters that look like tridents PSIS
Half-pint CUP
Hightail it FLEE
Keyless entry devices FOBS
Clues Answers
Last word in the line beginning “We have met the enemy...” OURS
Let (out), as rope PAYED
Letter-shaped construction piece IBAR
Like Buffalo wings SPICY
Like perfect games in baseball RARE
Mother of Ares HERA
Music for a sitar RAGA
Narrow inlet RIA
Nick Charles’s wife NORA
Obsession FETISH
Once called NEE
Option in a File menu OPEN
Orange coating RIND
Piece of news ITEM
Pigeon sound COO
Prickly bushes BRIARS
Question before wrapping up a Q&A ANYONEELSE
Reducing regimen DIET
Relaxed condition EASE
Resource found in veins ORE
Rocker Clapton ERIC
Ruby of “A Raisin in the Sun” DEE
Sandwich store DELI
See 36-Across FISH
See 36-Across INNER
Showy hat embellishment PLUME
Spotted cat LEOPARD
Spring flower TULIP
State tree of Massachusetts ELM
State with conviction ASSERT
Stinging blow SLAP
Sumo wrestlers throw it before a match SALT
Supermarket aids LISTS
Taylor Swift song that takes a swipe at sexism THEMAN
Wall painting MURAL
Was unwell AILED
With 37- and 39-Across, book and TV series on human evolution, and a hint to the circled letters YOUR
___-Cuban (Latin jazz style) AFRO