The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,573 - Jan 12 2021

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Clues Answers
Attendant always protecting Colonel Lawrence? ACOLYTE
Bird on horse: bay? HOWL
Bit of a pig, loading bullets into gun that's empty GAMMON
Caution Scottish man an attractive person embraces ADMONISH
Embed at Aleppo gathers information DATA
English sovereign beheaded calculating Swiss EULER
Excellent prize fund mine when given raise TIPTOP
Floor, so very old, in state KOSOVO
Getting into part, Monroe finally established name REPUTATION
Goods brought in having weight IMPORT
Heartless boasting punished in disorderly house BAGNIO
Leaves tip -- fiver's inside ENDIVE
Lift to reveal flaps ELEVATOR
North American imperfections backing spurious argument STRAWMAN
Clues Answers
One in family group shows exceptional intellect GENIUS
Parish, so unsettled, put an end to row? SHIPOARS
Republican supporter good news on Wall Street? RALLY
Retreat from tooth-puller? IVORYTOWER
Runs when piano gives rough sound RASP
Satanists' leader breaks mirror in church recess APSE
Serious measure to change unpopular work period GRAVEYARDSHIFT
Shield quickly attached to vehicle CARAPACE
Stylish gesture reworked for panto dames THEUGLYSISTERS
This allows for precise focus in French commune LENS
Trips director in seat on truck coming north SATNAV
Turn over to face husband, soak hanging around disgraceful place? DOGHOUSE
Two swimmers, the first heard making complaint RAILING
What distinguishes regulated from deregulated crossing? NODE