- Nov 21 2020

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Clues Answers
''See what you think'' TRYONE
''The WOW of a professional clean'' brand ORALB
''Why, oh why, can't I?'' lyricist HARBURG
'60s ''What's My Line?'' regular, pre-TV stardom ALDA
Aesthetes' bane KITSCH
Armata confligit BELLI
Been-there-done-that UNAWED
Bounced off RANBY
Bring around REVIVE
Bristle with ABOUNDIN
Charlie's ''Wall Street'' girlfriend DARYL
Compatibility obstacle, perhaps AGEGAP
Creative inspiration BASIS
Crime news blog APB
Deep understanding INTIMACY
Delivery room volunteer DOULA
Destroyer on the Hollywood Walk of Fame GODZILLA
Either half of a bonded pair LOVEBIRD
Endangered great ape BONOBO
Endow (with) VEST
Essentially tealess refreshment ALE
Fermentation station VAT
Feudal flunky RETAINER
Fiesta participant MARIACHI
Fly back RECOIL
Francis Bacon's ''Good breakfast but . . . a bad supper'' HOPE
Frenzied but entertaining CIRCUSY
Go too far with your scheme OVERPLAN
Group of fibers or flyers SKEIN
Guy who sounds like a song HIM
Hard labor GRIND
High-calorie, as some crusts LARDY
History makers FIRSTS
In installments SERIAL
Clues Answers
In progress GOING
Indelicate RISQUE
Katy Perry visited their Stockholm museum ABBA
Make merry ELATE
Many a DC senator ATTY
Metaphor for the body CLAY
MGM Roman blockbuster QUOVADIS
Name on two histories HENRYIV
One of 100+ for Mr. Tesla USPATENT
Oral exams of a sort EYETESTS
Overly inventive one LIAR
Parisian's ''Rats!'' ZUT
Polished URBANE
Postgame declaration IWIN
Preceder/follower of ''yes'' SIR
Pregame declaration TAILS
Protector of ancient Athens IRENE
Quibble PLAINT
Reproachful remark THATHURT
Ripe for romance, as a stroll MOONLIT
Scorsese major at NYU ENG
Shielding figure SPF
Sideline IDLE
Something seen at sari shows NAVEL
Sound of a Snoopy fall WHAM
Spanish bishop in ''The Da Vinci Code'' MOLINA
Strong insistence AVOWAL
Supporting Actor Oscar role for '77 OBIWAN
The Whopper Detour got one for 2019 CLIO
Things ruled on by umpires SLIDES
Threes of a kind TRIADS
Tone of twilight INDIGO
Try to catch WOO
Very far from cloistered ABROAD
Wet blanket DRAG
[We are not amused] UGH