The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,440 - May 21 2020

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Clues Answers
Ally intercepting American war weapon NAPALM
American Democrat sensitive being trapped in zip DELAWAREAN
Copper's method rejected imprisoning delinquent finally as formality CUSTOM
Current's rising with ships stuck in silt SEDIMENT
Earliest proper toilet English rebuffed PRIMEVAL
Grand antique could be precious GOLDEN
Infuse where moonshine's produced, nearly INSTIL
It's worth obtaining work that's routine PRACTICE
Julius perhaps, emperor recalled covered with honour FORENAME
Lying down having lost right organ PROSTATE
Maybe Chantilly Lace discovered in appeal RACECOURSE
Mysterious about the eyes, artist's admitted ORACULAR
Nice ladies cross over sweetheart in trouble MESDAMES
One's cornered by large cat, needing rope LIFELINE
Clues Answers
Passage from composer after Tzigane's opening TRAVEL
Present topping without cherry in centre OFFERING
Protocol later allows outside security COLLATERAL
Ran following close to bride? ELOPED
Reversed decline taking over American support ESPOUSAL
Smitten, certain hosts caught during a lapse FASCINATED
Some hoover, all sweaty, in dungarees OVERALLS
Stone cut with diamonds is uneven JAGGED
Takes pleasure from shows lacking adult content REVELS
Tart giving saucier twitch, occasionally ACETIC
Under pressure, reportedly played for occasion PROMPT
Understood origin includes excavated Neanderthals SENSED
United tie incorporating upcoming game TOGETHER
Woods almost owns tee showing strengths FORTES