The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,216 - Nov 23 2019

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Clues Answers
About 100 before end of day stick to processing waste RECYCLING
Back the other side REVERSE
Band opposing Ronald in support of revolutionary CHEVRON
Cook travelling first by railway STIRFRY
Fasten case? Not quite ATTACH
Five show support VINDICATE
Get off one's high horse? DISMOUNT
Go off and walk in river EXPLODE
Growing attachment? TENDRIL
Mainly it separates Greece from Turkey AEGEANSEA
Needlework of note, first time out CROCHET
No agent ordered as much as can be carried TONNAGE
Notice illumination giving full public attention SPOTLIGHT
One flying from Barcelona via Torremolinos AVIATOR
Picture pretty as could be TAPESTRY
Clues Answers
Point of attack a rower had changed ARROWHEAD
Pretender ignores one calling aloud CLAMANT
Revival of interest in second delivery? REBIRTH
Rising of industrious workers ANTHILL
Sagacious, well-mannered for the most part and in charge POLITIC
See work difficulty as means of escape LOOPHOLE
Send back to prison the chap overdrawn, apparently REMAND
Shine as a result of help turning up in class RADIATE
Shock -- divas to underwhelm in part ASTOUND
Something put on caught out of harmful habit ADDITION
Standard raised across the Channel? TRICOLOUR
Talk as sailor leaves one who croaks NATTER
The best instrument filled pastry CREAMHORN
Top up helpers in cast REPLENISH
Wives talked about 'Like a Virgin' VESTAL