The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 26925

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Clues Answers
A single chicken sandwich yellow submarine
Asian dog covering miles TAMIL
Bourbons knocked back by this general: a vulgar, boring soldier GARIBALDI
British are out to block harsh brickbat RASPBERRY
Calling for cuts on winning résumé summing-up
Chirpy Australian doctor on a run after shift BUDGERIGAR
Cold sauce for prune CLIP
Did rebel call the wrong way? It'll prove a bloomer ROSEBUD
Fail to limit fare before passing through duty-free? OVEREAT
Fliers in tropics giving clue for bananas fruit bats
Frantic chase with army ducking shots camera-shy
Funds in Madison County BUCKS
Getting unseated, mounted fighter's lost face OUSTER
Give a lift to European and others around ELATE
Go off a person in party giving a twirl ROTATORY
Clues Answers
Key rings unable to be brought up TABOO
Like this young lady from East African port LAGOS
Like to dig into top grub prepared here? GASTROPUB
Loudly entering drunk, sense I might get duped soft touch
Not including design leaving a waste product EXCRETION
Periodically, varsity hymn gets a complaint ASTHMA
Plaintiff's back behind person who won't be appealing? FRUMP
Sally hasn’t got over fight FRAY
Tag game outside involved tariff GRAFFITO
Tee off straight, feeling pity for others once RUTHFUL
Treasure for Paris Commune Le Havre's seized back HELEN
Upset stomach in the end for Burger King fan MONARCHIST
We're short of tailored clothing that's tight the worse for wear
What might season reportedly be, after fuss? POTHERB
Writer quite slowly knocking out leading article DANTE