The Telegraph - Cryptic - Dec 7 2017

Clues Answers
A grand queen going to a city in India AGRA
A story on country producing hostility ALIENATION
Around pit, person keeping busy, as boss about DOMINEER
Bottle -- optic possibly applied to it? NERVE
Boy captures the work of Shakespeare, for example SONNETS
Country folk appearing in operatic piece ARMENIA
Criticise or clap? BLAST
Dreadful experience being near horse nursing temperature NIGHTMARE
Dreary poet sent up DRAB
Freshwater reptile bringing one salmon up in ten TERRAPIN
Genesis character in paradise then SETH
Go green, changing policy finally ENERGY
I'm so interfering, travelling as a politician? FOREIGNMINISTER
King has designed a winter scarf, say KNITWEAR
Loving a swindle, gang ADORING
Clues Answers
Old communist figure turning back on Left LENIN
Part of orchestra that's supersonic when vibrating PERCUSSION
Perfect female, unruly FLAWLESS
Preserving energy, Romans relaxed -- slaves driving galley, maybe OARSMEN
Snack to put with something sparkling and European TOASTIE
Stumble after a few drinks, going one way then the other ROUNDTRIP
Subject inspiring reverence primarily, one circling the globe TROPIC
This person is overlooking agreement in effect IMPACT
Two relatives meeting tomorrow in Madrid? MANANA
Violent protesters initially roaring 'Tories out' RIOTERS
Voting system not nice, unfortunately, in US university PRINCETON
Want to work hard, you announce? NEED
Where men are on board ship beside revolutionary CHESS
Where one finds chicks, ear's bitten seriously INEARNEST