L.A. Times Magazine - Aug 19 2007

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Clues Answers
"And '___' (mushy stuff!) ..." PICNIC
"And '___' (nothing happens!) ..." ONTHEBEACH
"And '___', although at least that movie was made in the 1990s ..." GRANDCANYON
"As we pulled out of the driveway, Dad started singing '___' ..." ONTHEROADAGAIN
"But what fun is a trip across America if we have to ___?" GETOUTOFTHESUV
"Could we move on?" AHEM
"I just ___ the food" CAMEFOR
"I saw a bunch of ___. Their lodges, I mean ..." MOOSEANDELK
"I was thirsty, so I opened a ___ ..." MOUNTAINDEW
"Mayor" author Ed KOCH
"Mom could tell we were not ___! ..." HAPPYCAMPERS
"On the radio, Creedence Clearwater sang '___' ..." GREENRIVER
"Sis and I played ___ ..." GOFISH
"Then Dad played his favorite (prehistoric) CD, '___' ..." SURFINUSA
"Then my worst nightmare happened ... We'd brought Mom's bag of DVDs instead of mine! So all we could watch was '___' (boring!) ..." STATEFAIR
"To screen out Dad, Mom put her headphones on and listened to an audiobook of '___' ..." AHWILDERNESS
"___ hope so!" ISURE
"___ insist" NOI
"___ lied" SOI
'70s band ELO
15th century start MCDI
Abba of Israel EBAN
Abbr. after Sen. Harry Reid's name DNEV
Actress Joanne DRU
Actresses Grey and Martin NANS
America's marsupial OPOSSUM
Ancient letter RUNE
Anthem contraction OER
AOL alternative MSN
Bad review PAN
Bag wt., often ONELB
Ball-bearing prop TEE
Beat ___ (publicize vigorously) THEDRUM
Bible verb ending ETH
Big record label EMI
Bonkers MAD
Bulky book TOME
Burns out of control RAGES
Castle ingredient SAND
Cat Stevens classic, "Sad ___" LISA
Change course TURN
Charlie's actor brother EMILIO
Check for prints DUST
Choose OPT
Chugged, perhaps DRANK
Chute opener? PARA
Citigroup rival, briefly BOFA
Coll. senior's test GRE
Conceals CLOAKS
Egg parts YOLKS
Emphasize PLAYUP
Escapade ANTIC
Even score TIE
Fab alternative TIDE
Far from eager LOATH
First guy on the moon NEIL
G-rated oath EGAD
Gerund feature ING
Go underground HIDE
Gun barrel stat BORE
Half nelson, e.g. HOLD
High on the hwy. DUI
Hindered IMPEDED
Independent film genre ARTCINEMA
Intel brand PENTIUM
Isla surrounder AGUA
Isle with a lagoon ATOLL
IV part TUBE
Key of Mahler's Symphony No. 4: abbr. GMAJ
La-la start TRA
Like L.A., often SMOGGY
Little spasm TIC
Lomb's partner BAUSCH
Clues Answers
Lone Star State sch. UTEP
Lowest deck on a ship ORLOP
Make airtight SEAL
Masters of deduction? CPAS
Medit. island SAR
Menu words ALA
Morrie Turner comic strip WEEPALS
Musician's gift EAR
New Age singer ENYA
North Sea feeder YSER
Ocean giant ORCA
Odometer start OOOOO
Ogle EYE
Once-a-year visitor SANTA
Park City's home UTAH
Phone feature REDIAL
Popinjays FOPS
Pow! alternative BAM
Pre-W group STUV
Real swingers? APES
Refinement TASTE
Rejoice EXULT
Royal emblem CREST
Satirical bite EDGE
Shoe man Blahnik MANOLO
Siberian river LENA
Simon's "___ Rock" IAMA
Slangy executive SUIT
Slightly ATAD
Slugger Mel OTT
Small explosive CAP
Smith of tennis STAN
Smoke solids TAR
Solidifies JELLS
Some pitches SLIDERS
Some teeth or berths UPPERS
Spa treatment FACIAL
Space opening? AERO
Special benefits PERKS
Specialty FORTE
Stand-up satirist SAHL
Starbucks serves it TEA
Steak order TBONE
Stir-fry buy WOK
Street walker, briefly PED
Swindler's forte SCAM
Swiss canton URI
Tabloid twosome ITEM
Take ___ view of ADIM
The U.S. military's nautical version of the CIA ONI
They're related KIN
Thorough add-on BRED
Turkey DUD
TV drama length, usu. ONEHR
Union agreement? IDO
Utmost degree MAX
Utmost degree NTH
Voyager 2 flew by it NEPTUNE
Ward (off) FEND
Wild about INTO
Wry Wright STEVEN
Yoked pair TEAM
Yule tale boy AMAHL
Zagreb's home CROATIA
___ B'rith BNAI
___ dare ONA
___ Flanders ADOGOF
___ Fox BRER
___ mater ALMA