New York Times - Sep 21 2014

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Clues Answers
'Are you enjoying your time out on the Nascar circuit?' [Ricky Martin, 1999] LIVINLAVEHICLELOCA
'Be prepared' SCOUTMOTTO
'Death in Venice' locale LIDO
'Did you do anything for luck before today's race?' [Katy Perry, 2008] IKISSEDAGRILLE
'Germinal' novelist ZOLA
'Hey, what did you think when you missed that last pit stop?' [The Who, 1971] WONTGETFUELEDAGAIN
'How did that new car handle out there on the track?' [Maroon 5, 2011] MOVESLIKEJAGUAR
'Like this' DOASIDO
'Ring' lovers WAGNERIANS
'Romanian Rhapsodies' composer ENESCO
'So-so' responses EHS
'What did you try to do after the caution flag came out?' [The Doors, 1967] BRAKEONTHROUGH
'Who, me?' MOI
'___ Delight,' pioneering song by the Sugarhill Gang RAPPERS
'___ do' ITLL
4 letters GHI
94-Down x 14 SEVEN
Actress Massey ILONA
Almost any poem that starts 'Roses are red ...' DOGGEREL
Antoine Domino Jr., familiarly FATS
Article in Aachen EIN
Asian wild ass ONAGER
Assail HITAT
Bay Area gridder NINER
Beauties GEMS
Big name in house paint BEHR
Big Ten sch OSU
Bogs down MIRES
Brief name? HANES
Candied, as fruit GLACE
Cast part ACTOR
City SSW of Moscow OREL
Classic sports car XKE
Coiled about TWINED
Comedy classic of 1978 ANIMALHOUSE
Coping mechanisms? SAWS
Cover with a hard outer surface ENCRUST
Crew member COX
Dame ___ EDNA
Dog Chow alternative ALPO
Dog for a 'gentleman detective' ASTA
Drama critic John of The New Yorker LAHR
Drama with masks NOH
Dynamic start? AERO
Élève's destination LYCEE
European capital TIRANA
Exams for some coll. applicants APTESTS
Eye opener? DILATOR
Frankie who starred on 'Malcolm in the Middle' MUNIZ
Gen ___ XER
George Will piece OPED
Get old CLOY
Giant in heating and air-conditioning TRANE
Glam band with six #1 hits in Britain SLADE
Green beans LIMAS
Hack CAB
High-speed ride LEARJET
Home of some Bushmen NAMIBIA
Huge, in poetry ENORM
Hydroxyl compound ENOL
Impeccable SPOTLESS
It's normal for NASA ONEG
Jerusalem ZION
Ken of 'thirtysomething' OLIN
Kwik-E-Mart guy APU
Clues Answers
Late disc jockey Casey KASEM
Lend a dirty hand to ABET
Love letter sign-off XOXO
Ming of the N.B.A YAO
Movie with the line 'Old age. It's the only disease, Mr. Thompson, that you don't look forward to being cured of' CITIZENKANE
Needle RIB
Noon, in Nantes MIDI
Not be straight LIE
Nov. honoree VET
Okla. City-to-Dallas direction SSE
Okla. neighbor TEX
Old Fords LTDS
Old track holders LPS
One means of corp. financing IPO
Online investment option ETRADE
Only Literature Nobelist also to win an Oscar SHAW
Orly bird, once? SST
Outfit DRESS
Perform some magic CASTASPELL
Place to dangle one's legs LEDGE
Popular children's 'find it' book series ISPY
Poster bear SMOKEY
Posthumous John Donne poem that includes 'It suck'd me first, and now sucks thee' THEFLEA
Relatively up-to-date NEWISH
Reply to a captain AYE
Rescue film of 2012 ARGO
Rock's Everly or Collins PHIL
Rustic poems IDYLLS
Sacred images: Var IKONS
Scrumptious TASTY
See 97-Down ONEHALF
Semitransparent fabrics MESHES
Seth of 'Late Night' MEYERS
Sierra follower, in code TANGO
Slow-witted DIM
Soft-shell clam STEAMER
Someone a little short? NEEDER
Sounds of equivocation ERS
Spammer, e.g EMAILER
Sporty option TTOP
Squeeze (out) EKE
Steinful, maybe ALE
Stop: Abbr STA
Stopover spot INN
Succulent plant ALOE
Suffering a losing streak, in poker ONTILT
Summoned, in a way PAGED
Surgically remove RESECT
Tattoo artist INKER
Teeing off RILING
The Swedish Nightingale LIND
Toy company on track to success? LIONEL
Travel option AIR
Unacceptable to polite society NOTDONE
White, informally ANGLO
Words of retreat? OMS
Writer LeShan EDA
___ Domingo SANTO
___ libre (poetry style) VERS
___ rating system (world chess standard) ELO
___-Caspian Depression ARAL