The Times - Specialist - Times Literary Supplement 855 - November 12, 2010

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Clues Answers
'. . . Albatros D's and Fokker --s, I was with von Richtofen' (Jon Cleary, High Road to China) TRIPLANE
'He is a sort of -- at the table, serving to stop gaps' (Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Poet at the Breakfast Table) EXPLETIVE
'In -- he spilt but seldom blood' (Scott, The Lay of the Last Minstrel) RAIDS
A roof over the heads of the warden's wards ALMSHOUSE
Borders on the ridiculous, this Shakespearian constable VERGES
Burns unit TOAMOUSE
Colonel in some footling ramblings from London INGRAM
David's French dish, not made sans casser des oeufs OMELETTE
Early trainspotter, booked in 1906 ROBERTA
Fall of Keats TOAUTUMN
Find upset (sick) composer LOCATELLI
French farce starts up brightly, unerringly reflecting old intrigues UBUROI
He put women in power in the theatre MCGRATH
He staged a version of Lawrence, but not Shaw RATTIGAN
High level connections produce percentage payments ROYALTIES
Clues Answers
It gave Segovia and Julian Bream the frets GUITAR
It was instrumental in the development of Greek music CITHARA
Mail an unusual version of a leading Orwell character ANIMAL
Nobel laureate novelist suggests new, first-class letter writer NAIPAUL
Often seen at play in midwinter NATIVITY
One of the Hispaniola hands ISRAEL
Princely refugee from Happy Valley RASSELAS
Prizewinning dramatist eventually made a dogs' dinner EURIPIDES
Set piece by Priestley likely to produce a score? DANGEROUSCORNER
Sillitoe's was solitary RUNNER
Stick together to be consistent in writing COHERE
Unguided writing by unpaid worker? FREEHAND
What Borges' magic may be? REALISTIC
Works like The Odyssey and The Iliad might provide spice EPICS