The Times - Cryptic - Times Jumbo 801 - February 21, 2009

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Clues Answers
A capital novel? Doubly so! (1,4,2,3,6) ATALEOFTWOCITIES
A row with a little man that may be seen on an allotment ASPARAGUS
After escape I have to get message MISSIVE
At first, Middle East map is too rough to include a place it might have shown MESOPOTAMIA
Beast requiring two separate letters from PA PANDA
Being married helps, girls! MAIDS
Bird's 'ome next to lake OUSEL
Bits of advice to those with excessively hairy doggies? SNIPPETS
Books showing how one might speak to stars DICTIONARIES
Brown accepted prime minister is high post TOPMAST
Bureaucrat started to lose heart when meeting the board BEANCOUNTER
Cheap seats always available in one part of the theatre STEERAGE
Children that may be taken when there's disagreement ISSUE
Christmas visitor seen around a couple of watering holes in Californian city SANTABARBARA
Coming across as wild person, model being held up outside TRAVERSAL
Counterattack from army in stronghold, one trapped in middle of battle at first TITFORTAT
Dictator's slight lapse from consciousness — bravo, one not totally in charge! NAPOLEONIC
Dressing can be torture with clasp awkwardly positioned COURTPLASTER
Evil nonsense about backward-moving bird NOTORNIS
Exam I cope with — learner taking leave swore TESTIFIED
Fellow settling on French island, not one of those originally chosen? GENTILE
Female sailors brought in three-quarters of the cargo LORNA
Fit of temper? Lash out! Bad mood? Shout! TRUMPET
Found to be unprincipled BASE
Funny old Germans can gossip SCANDALMONGER
Funny sketch, story (not article) — one may get bowled over SKITTLE
Gate is badly made, making it hard for the elderly AGEIST
Getting rid of money that is to be given to gang CASHIERING
Girl in the valley, a daughter being brought up GLENDA
Grotto with a lure, gold — you must check out the deal! CAVEATEMPTOR
Clues Answers
Hand in petition when British male is imprisoned SUBMIT
Hedge in the Aussie cop's patch? BEATABOUTTHEBUSH
Home to church is a short distance INCH
I may see potential entertainers — ten louts with act that needs direction TALENTSCOUT
Illegal trader of distinction protecting group on island CONTRABANDIST
It's nice wandering around in street — one's often stuck in the lab SCIENTIST
Legal process in a court followed by fellows in hospital department ENACTMENT
Man with money recited poem RONDEAU
Newspaper set penning article — one may offer personal help GUARDIANANGEL
Official reports put out by Consumer Depts COMPTESRENDUS
Old city region held by weaponless army SPARTA
Old shields with cuts chosen for recycling SCUTCHEONS
On head worker carries hamper containing one food item CROISSANT
One first lady upset another old official REEVE
Passing article is hauled back in river TRANSIENT
Regret gym being strapped for cash RUPEE
Ripping material written by sailor LACERATING
See what gambler risks mount up ANTE
Somehow catch young lady with ring LASSO
Something mechanical dumping old pile of rocks by river ROTOR
State several points (some more than once) after end of contest TENNESSEE
The writer in Paris about to get angry, one involved in tale of woe JEREMIAD
Tragic character runs to the meadow LEAR
University scholarship READING
Waste time getting back to basics — so going round in circles is nothing new! REINVENTTHEWHEEL
Wife leading everybody, a person in charge WALLA
Will a teaser make one this, getting frayed at the edges? ILLATEASE
Wise men in one country to provide vision IMAGINATION
Worker at the lodge stores wood and food PORTERHOUSESTEAK
Worker guerrilla fighter quietly bumped off ARTISAN