The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 23400 - September 21, 2006

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Clues Answers
Argument with an ash ROWAN
Arrest last of men involved in devastation RUNIN
Bishop encountered horse outside post office and dismounted METROPOLITAN
Book of condolence RUTH
Box hedge STALL
Captain wandering around the place to find someone wanting a job APPLICANT
Dance for which goddess has introduced a restriction HABANERA
Dark brown animal circles round trap BRUNETTE
Go from house to house taking sliced bread DOORSTEP
Government, having beheaded troublemaker, designated king as leader KREMLIN
Graduate gets to bank - but only just BARELY
Heavens! King and queen housed within tiny island SKERRY
Hilltop surrounded by water has extremely shady watering hole SPEAKEASY
In confidence, where you might see mulch UNDERTHEROSE
Clues Answers
It's a piano, honestly UPRIGHT
Just right for the gala FAIR
Like the Guardian? Utterly mad about article TUTELARY
Outside of car needs some therapy BODYWORK
Outside posada, English speaker almost looking happy GRINNING
Proof that terms are negotiable in general FORTHEMOSTPART
Scavengers may be depressed DOWNINTHEDUMPS
Soak starts to drink rather early - nobody can help DRENCH
Split equals in a novel way SQUEAL
Sportsman has a second shot on the rebound, expending some energy SKATER
Strictly following rules, lad loses heart with six tricks that don't score BYTHEBOOK
Sweet potatoes I had set up, upset DISMAY
Vital cure can turn out to be very profitable LUCRATIVE
Where to see spacemen having left front piece of helmet NASAL