L.A. Times Daily - Oct 17 2006

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Clues Answers
"Ballet Rehearsal" artist Edgar DEGAS
"Give __ chance!" ITA
"I'd rather not talk about it" DONTASK
"Memoirs __ Geisha" OFA
"Smilla's Sense of Snow" actress Julia ORMOND
"The Alphabet Song" start ABCD
"The O.C." viewer, usually TEEN
1986 rock autobiography ITINA
1998 Sarah McLachlan hit ADIA
Accepts, as a resolution ADOPTS
Ages and ages EONS
Apt. listing abbr. BDRM
Author Rand AYN
Ballerina Margot FONTEYN
Captures SNARES
Cold war mole KGBSPY
Coll. transcript calculation GPA
Cook in a microwave ZAP
Cut down HEW
Dangerously involved INDEEP
Depression-era prog. WPA
Did a 6K, say RAN
Dir. from Charleston, WV to Charleston, SC SSE
Director Craven WES
Dos times cuatro OCHO
Drinks politely SIPS
Flubs a shot ERRS
Former Prizm automaker GEO
Friend of Jerry and George KRAMER
Get done with END
Get in the way of STYMIE
Gp. pursuing pushers DEA
Grassy meadow LEA
Hair colorer DYER
Harden into bone OSSIFY
Hors d'oeuvre serving CHIPANDDIP
Inventor Franklin BEN
JFK's predecessor DDE
Knee protector PAD
Clues Answers
Lav in Leeds LOO
Like Olive Oyl THIN
Little hooters OWLETS
Longoria of "Desperate Housewives" EVA
Manitoba native CREE
Manuscript encl. SASE
Metric distances: Abbr. KMS
Munchkinland musical, with "The" WIZ
Muppet trio The Oinker Sisters, e.g. PIGS
NFL Hall of Famer Gale SAYERS
Nibble on, as a bone GNAWAT
Org. whose Web site features a "Your Air Quality" map EPA
Otherwise ELSE
Palindromic farm animal EWE
Parasitic insects LICE
Party at night SOIREE
PlayStation maker SONY
Reading room DEN
Reception to introduce a visiting dignitary, say MEETANDGREET
Result of day-to-day use WEARANDTEAR
Safer, as a road WIDER
Shot from a tee DRIVE
Sr.'s test GRE
Suffix meaning "somewhat" ISH
Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners ICHIRO
Swe. neighbor NOR
Take a breather REST
Take to a fancy restaurant WINEANDDINE
Tam wearer's turndown NAE
Tolstoy's Karenina ANNA
Until the end of a pregnancy TOTERM
Very, in Versailles TRES
WWII turning point DDAY
__ Andreas fault SAN
__ Nevada mountains SIERRA
__ pro nobis ORA