The Times - Cryptic - Times Saturday 22821 - November 13, 2004

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Clues Answers
Antiquated Missouri playhouse losing right to name MOTHEATEN
Bedouin stops short, tense about seeing reptile TUATARA
Chess king and queen moved up for a pin TACK
Company representative's aim: one must have a set of encyclopaedias COMPENDIA
Divers FBI agents chasing fine gold that's turned up FROFMEN
Drama about a biblical character NOAH
Everything's due to become permitted ALLOWED
Fighter's manoeuvre perhaps resulting in bitter revolution BARRELRRLL
Horribly sweet wines - loth to have a drink WETONESWHISTLE
Inner strength of cricket bat absorbing pressure energy with resistance WILLPOWER
Intimidate inventor that produced neat chime COWBELL
One playing small part not included EXTRA
Organised ladies to get in drink specifically TOWIT
Clues Answers
Place for baptism's right in a line with altar covering FRONTAL
Ponder most weird style of art POSTMODERN
Public English company invested in watch for unrestricted sale OVERTHECOUNTER
Radical party's policy merits me turning out to pen vote EXTREMISM
Romantic daughter's a boring thing DREAMER
Scientist ruling college wants no artist in Connecticut TECHNOCRAT
Space traveller takes time to arrive COMET
Sponge with base rising after cooking UPSIDEDOWNCAKE
Sport where feet run on blades? LAWNTENNIS
Strange person having not even a dance ODDBALL
Stripped roof beams later AFTER
Ticket counterfoil difficult to remove? Not half STUB
Title for knight has king elevating blade KRIS
Where are Maine, Rhode Island, California? AMERICA