Universal - Dec 18 2005

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Clues Answers
''Hungry, hungry'' critter of a kid's game HIPPO
''The King and I'' co-star KERR
''This can't be!'' OHNO
All new from the ground up REMADE
Assessed RATED
At all times EVER
Be in accord AGREE
Belly problem ACHE
Cathedral or church part NAVE
Certain fencing blade EPEE
Certain powdered starches SAGOS
Chris of ''Wicked Game'' fame ISAAK
Coast or tower IVORY
Collections of literary snippets ANAS
Comment made with a nod ISEE
Construction block manufacturer LEGO
Drug shipment, perhaps KILO
Express derision JEER
Famed '50s flop EDSEL
Field doc MEDIC
Film buff Roger EBERT
Grand in scale EPIC
Heavy metal LEAD
Herb of Tijuana Brass fame ALPERT
Hockey player's quest GOAL
Kennel features PENS
Kind of fork OYSTER
Kind of wave HEAT
Letters for an invitee RSVP
Made cheddar better AGED
Make the acquaintance of MEET
Marsh duck TEAL
Martini garnish OLIVE
NASA's Shepard ALAN
Needler GOADER
Night flight REDEYE
Clues Answers
Out of the wind ALEE
Over again ANEW
Overhaul REVAMP
Pass the buck DEFER
Pig proboscis SNOUT
Prescribed ceremony RITE
Prominent Chicago politician DALEY
Put one over on FOOL
Rhyming noble defender of the downtrodden? REGALLEGALEAGLE
Satire, perhaps IRONY
Saver of many endangered species? NOAH
Says ''yes'' without saying ''yes'' NODS
Screen great Garbo GRETA
Seeks a favor ASKS
Sir Guinness ALEC
Slumber rumble SNORE
Split personalities? EXES
Spooky waterway? ERIE
Sporty Chevy CAMARO
Start for mural INTRA
Stops presenting evidence RESTS
Take the honey and run? ELOPE
Terra firma EARTH
They get people into jams CARS
Tolstoy hero IVAN
Tolstoy's Karenina ANNA
Type of squad VICE
Type of stick POGO
Utilize a charge card SWIPE
Vent sound HISS
What a fairy-tale emperor could be called? NAKEDASAJAYBIRD
What a stuck-up person may be called PROUDASAPEACOCK
What an old-timer may be called NOSPRINGCHICKEN
Where to find two black suits DECK
Word with Chicks or cups DIXIE
Worker's list heading TODO
Yuletide visitors MAGI