Ink Well xwords - Sep 14 2012

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Clues Answers
'Friends' friend ROSS
'I know, mom, I'll never do it again' YESM
'Just hold tight' ONESEC
'Later' SOLONG
'My concern is that ...' IFEAR
'Were you born in a ___?' BARN
'You could have been a lot less specific ...' TMI
'___ you gonna eat that?' ARE
Active Sicilian peak ETNA
Advocate's gp ABA
Amount of jelly, say JARFUL
Australian clergy member with multiple vaginas? KANGAROOBISHOP
Bandmate of Mick KEITH
Baseball draft? BEER
Big name in notebooks VAIO
Bologna bread? EURO
Boss for fashionable men HUGO
Buttery lobster preparation SCAMPI
Call Ralph on the big white phone BARF
Camaro named for a racing competition IROC
Casualty of Apple's switch to Intel IBOOK
Chatting or sleeping in English class? GERUND
Clean, as the poop deck SWAB
Combed back, as bangs TEASED
Common black-and-white cat name OREO
Common diagnosis for kids: Abbr ADHD
Communist RED
Concession from a fighter's corner, perhaps TKO
Confirmation from a doctor, say NOTE
Congers, e.g EELS
Droid BOT
Emergency preparedness needs GOBAGS
Family, of a sort MAFIA
Four-poster ___ BED
Geeked AMPED
Ghostbuster Spengler EGON
Grizzly who runs ahead to make sure there aren't any traps? BEARSCOUT
Had the lowest score, at Augusta LED
Clues Answers
Japanese candy sticks POCKY
Like a rainbow ARCED
Made do? SHAT
Major American export DEBT
Make unreadable to the enemy ENCODE
Modern lecture franchise TEDX
Mover for a boat without a motor OAR
Network whose fed. funding seems forever imperiled NPR
Obscure ARCANE
One who smokes religiously? RASTA
One-named singer in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame DION
Orthodox Jew's growth BEARD
Part of a civil servant's email GOV
Pointy-eared race ELVES
Propane burner part GASJET
Remains after an arson attack, say ASH
Romeo's 'I love you' TIAMO
Sass, slangily TUDE
See 1-Across GOAT
Shameless 'Jaws' ripoff from 1977 ORCA
She preceded Curry on 'Today' VIEIRA
Simplicity EASE
Singer Simone NINA
Sly canine working in the E.R.? TRAUMAFOX
Some MIT grads EES
Strapping young guy LAD
Studio that made 'Precious' HARPO
Stylist's sound SNIP
Subjects of sightings UFOS
Taking care of business ONIT
Technology used to review a call SLOMO
Thing taken at an inauguration OATH
Title with a tilde SENOR
Tropical storm protection DIKE
Turkey's continent, partly ASIA
Winged assistants of private eyes? BIRDSWITHDICKS
With 73-Across, petting zoo pet with a prostate issue? WHIZ