L.A. Times Daily - May 12 2012

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Clues Answers
"... thus wide I'll __ my arms": "Hamlet" OPE
"Nuts!" OHRATS
"Yikes!" GEEZ
"Yikes!" WOW
"__ Love Her" ANDI
"__Language": 1993 best-seller SEIN
1960s-'70s outfielder Agee TOMMIE
Add a lane to, say WIDEN
Application datum CITY
B's equivalent CFLAT
Baseball's Angels owner Moreno et al ARTES
Broke off ENDED
City at the foot of the Sierra Nevada RENO
Clue outlets TOYSTORES
Contemporary of Jack and Gary ARNIE
Court call HEARYE
Crystal clear EASYTOSEE
Cyan relative TEAL
D.C. monument that includes a dog FDRMEMORIAL
D.C.'s locale, familiarly USOFA
Disgust SICKEN
Earth, to Freud ERDE
Emancipated, in Essen FREI
Exceptional RARE
Film in which Agnes Moorehead debuted as the title character's mother CITIZENKANE
Forecast word WINDY
Four-time Grammy-winning R&B group BOYZIIMEN
Grouch CRANK
Group of cats JAZZCOMBO
Hard to make out FAINT
HBO title agent whose name includes dollar signs in the show's logo ARLISS
Hotsy-__ TOTSY
ID issuer SSA
Indonesian export COCONUT
Clues Answers
Ironman watch maker TIMEX
Israel's oldest daily newspaper HAARETZ
Jane Grey's title LADY
Jazz pianist inspired by Waller TATUM
Jingled RANG
Kraft spread CHEEZWHIZ
Language that gives us "pundit" HINDI
Like fertile soil LOAMY
Like some spaghetti sauces MEATY
MillerCoors malt beverage ZIMA
Moves to the right, usually INDENTS
Mozart contemporary HAYDN
Mr. Wickfield's clerk URIAHHEEP
Nail down the deal ICEIT
Old Mideast ruler SHAH
Parish priest VICAR
Part of a product name chosen because it sounds Scandinavian HAAGEN
Pequod skipper AHAB
Place with crests OCEAN
Plant activity: Abbr MFG
Protrudes JUTS
Recipe direction SEAR
Remember fondly CHERISH
Short time? SEC
Showed disapproval TSKED
Some free downloads SHAREWARE
Squish MASH
Stun ZAP
Sunburn-related meas UVINDEX
Sweetened, in a way HONEYED
They can make you hungry ODORS
War deity ARES
Wasteland HEATH
__ de somme: beast of burden BETE