New York Times - Dec 24 2011

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Clues Answers
'My Philosofy' poet RILEY
'When 2 ___ Love' (1988 Prince song) RIN
2006 Newbery winner Lynne ___ Perkins RAE
Angel's antithesis BRAT
Annual Jalapeño Festival site LAREDO
Be part of the picture ACT
Cake, in Cali TORTA
Cal-Nev-___ ARI
Come together GEL
Common sock damage NOSEBLEED
Cry over spilled milk? OOPSIEDAISY
Dessert served in a bowl TAPIOCA
Doesn't run over STOPSONTIME
Drainer of most of Switzerland AARE
First, second and third, but not fourth BAGS
Foes of Frodo ORCS
Follower of Franco? PHILE
He 'spoke' with horns and whistles HARPOMARX
Illusionist's repertoire, in part ESCAPES
Is for a few? ARE
It replaced Apple's Quadra line POWERMAC
It's metered CABRIDE
Kung ___ chicken PAO
Little, in Lille PETIT
Loafer letters EEE
Magnate who wrote 'How to Be Rich' GETTY
Many stand-up lines ADLIBS
Mexican cacti PEYOTES
Modern-day locale of the place where the Santa Maria ran aground in 1492 HAITI
Motivator for Manolete OLE
Mrs. Rajiv Gandhi SONIA
Not automatic: Abbr STD
Clues Answers
Oaks Stakes setting EPSOM
Old Testament shepherd AMOS
Onetime Soyuz destination MIR
Palestinian group ALFATAH
Party comment after 'No thanks' IMONADIET
Piece of fiction LIE
Problem with tight shoes PINCH
Ranch extension? ERO
Sewer parts MAINS
Shouts in the 'hood YOS
Shrinks' grp APA
Some Dutch wheels EDAMS
Something turned under HEM
Spaghetti end? ANI
Steal away SNEAKOUT
Supplement that might cause a stink OILOFGARLIC
Suppressed DAMPED
Take ___ (sample some) ASIP
Tennis's Zvonareva and others VERAS
The Seneca Chief was the first to travel its full length ERIECANAL
They're often sliding for workers PAYSCALES
Things you can bear ARMS
Truth-in-lending figs APRS
Untruthfulness MENDACITY
What hawks do SWOOP
What may be visualized via a bumper sticker? WHIRLEDPEAS
Where rails come together MARSHES
Where the show must go on? VENUE
Winter sport vehicles SKIBOBS
Without circumspection LAXLY
___ fire (destructive 2008 blaze in Los Angeles) SAYRE