Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 18 2007

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Clues Answers
Allotting or granting ACCORDING
Area sheltered from the sun SHADE
Attempt TRY
Be in debt OWE
Boundary or demarcation LIMIT
Cloth for the nose, in short HANKIE
Concurred AGREED
Cord of tissue connecting muscle to bone SINEW
Decreasing, diminishing LESSENING
Defence of being somewhere else at the time of a crime ALIBI
Drag along behind TOW
Example, illustration INSTANCE
Forbearance, tolerance PATIENCE
Goes out EXITS
Heavy rope for nautical use HAWSER
Mean mile, strangely, could be a type of resin surface MELAMINE
Members of the military SOLDIERS
Clues Answers
Narrative song BALLAD
One's valuable possessions ASSETS
Overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety PANIC
Person who likes to be active late into the evening NIGHTOWL
Practices of long standing TRADITION
Shrewdness, in business perhaps ACUMEN
Silly fool or beast of burden ASS
Snow vehicle or heavy hammer SLEDGE
Suppressed or banned CENSORED
Surrounding atmosphere AMBIANCE
Theatrical performer ACTOR
They cause things to happen CATALYSTS
Thickly oleaginous GREASY
Type of German prison camp STALAG
Welsh breed of short-legged dog CORGI