L.A. Times Daily - Dec 22 2023

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Clues Answers
"Beats me!" NOCLUE
"Eww!" BLEH
"Fan-cee!" OOHLALA
"Get a __!" GRIP
"haha" LOL
"Montero" singer Lil __ X NAS
"Special Ops: Lioness" actress Saldaña ZOE
"The Hundred Dresses" Newbery honoree Eleanor ESTES
*Curling team's specialty? PERFORMINGARTS
*Penalty boxes? TEMPERATEZONES
*Place that experiments with soup recipes? PHOTOLAB
128 oz GAL
ABBA classic SOS
Accept an extension RESIGN
Balances, or, phonetically, how to make 18-, 32-, and 39-Across match their clues? EVENSOUT
Big rig SEMI
Boxer Ali LAILA
Brown, for one IVY
Cannabis compound THC
Check again RETEST
City Hemingway called "a moveable feast" PARIS
Code creator MORSE
Cool-weather lining FLEECE
Defensive retort ARESO
Easy-to-make waffles EGGOS
Employs USES
Expected DUE
Feast with haupia and poi LUAU
Flatbreads served with labneh PITAS
Geological periods EPOCHS
Giants and Titans org NFL
Gibbons, e.g APES
Gimlet need LIME
Gimlet need GIN
Grabber in an arcade game CLAW
Clues Answers
Humble homes HUTS
Ingredient replaced by applesauce in some recipes OIL
Issuer of a Mickey Mantle card sold for a record amount TOPPS
Lauryn Hill trio? ELS
Lost heat, as a shower RANCOLD
Many Lego House employees DANES
May, to Peter Parker AUNT
Mix things up STIR
Montana city named for a landform BUTTE
Never-ending ETERNAL
Old lang LAT
On the briny ASEA
Oscar of "Moon Knight" ISAAC
Out of bed ARISEN
Outback bird EMU
Pantry pest ANT
Part of a mitt WEB
Participated in a bike-a-thon, say RODE
Pet-ty offense? PEEVE
Poet laureate Limón ADA
Press for time? CLOCKIN
Princess of "Enchanted" and "Disenchanted" GISELLE
Response in the kitchen YESCHEF
Short "Kind of a big deal" VIP
Shovel pass, e.g TOSS
Silverware wrap NAPKIN
Small rug MAT
Spanish bear OSO
Sunny greeting HIHO
Swag bag contents LOOT
Symbol on the Swiss flag CROSS
Taps a heart button, say LIKES
Trait carrier GENE
Tropical fruit PAPAYA
TV awards EMMYS
Whatsis THING
Writer Munro ALICE
__ Hebrides INNER
__, dos, tres UNO