The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28613

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Clues Answers
10 up for disorder, but finally case dismissed at the end of the day? OUTPATIENT
All the same classical things covered by an American writer AUTHORESS
As an all-rounder, returning towel, bat, pad and gloves ADAPTABLE
Behind award for cycling? ABAFT
Censor page? BLEEP
Come forth, when expected, by reputation, to retreat EMANATE
Consequence of mounts being placed on piping UPSHOT
European PM having a pop at philosophy, briefly TAOISEACH
Extract firm replies from the floor, oddly overlooked ELEMI
Fare, with third deducted, has people wasting tickets? no-shows
Gathered there’s a DVD shortly for release HARVESTED
Get to English class with dead snake? EXASPERATE
Hazard guess finally, with some reflecting sand trap
I craft something witty one-liner
I’m obliged to avoid capture KING
It’s not so acceptable in top class, book being added to wrong set? UNTRUTH
Clues Answers
Mafia muscle holds up deadly weapon a-bomb
Nonsense about exploding fuel bottle? Hardly! blue funk
Old Bill — or what it is now? the law
Put up with long day — unpleasant conclusion! sticky end
Refund: respond to “I’ll scratch yours ...” ? CLAWBACK
Reveals where son’s lifted sack? OUST
Roll back voluble Franglais speaker’s gift? BAGEL
Royal award back in ’91 for rousing chiller ICEBOX
Square peg on cross put in wrong SIXTEEN
Story briefly spread across papers making waves? TIDAL
Swamp ended with tree: crossing hard! OVERWHELM
Third rate musical for a rocker? CHAIR
Use up to ten: aim for reduction, somehow eat into
Was host of children overheard following me around? EMCEED
Where lots go, after warning to move about AUCTION
With fluorine, no longer having to clean teeth FLOSS