Universal - Mar 18 2023

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Clues Answers
"15 minutes could save you ..." insurer GEICO
"Feel me?" YADIG
"How much is this gonna set us back?" WHATSTHEDAMAGE
"Same for me" ASAMI
"That true?" ISIT
"This is harder than you'd think, OK?!" ITSNOTTHATEASY
"Who am ___ judge?" ITO
"Wicked Game" singer Chris ISAAK
17-syllable poems HAIKUS
Actor/Tibetan rights activist Richard GERE
Archer of myth EROS
Arches and Zion, for two PARKS
As of yet TONOW
Attorney's org ABA
Avoid like the ___ PLAGUE
Battery variety AAA
Become well HEAL
Black hair, brown eyes, etc TRAITS
Bloke CHAP
Calculate COMPUTE
Capitals' and Senators' grp NHL
Corona alternative TECATE
Corp. leader CEO
Diacritic that indicates nasalization in Portuguese TILDE
Director Coen ETHAN
Drug that some take microdoses of LSD
Employ HIRE
Employ USE
Employee at a publishing house EDITOR
End of a threat ORELSE
Ferry or dinghy BOAT
First quarters? STARTERHOME
Fish eggs ROE
Flock females EWES
Forceful warning DONTYOUDARE
Hawaiian island where it rained for 331 consecutive days in 1939-'40 OAHU
Clues Answers
Indignation IRE
Knight's title SIR
Like an intense winter HARSH
Like rams and bulls MALE
Like some wine and cheese AGED
Make bubbly AERATE
Mention in a footnote CITE
Move through deep mud TRUDGE
Naan flour ATTA
Name yelled by Rocky in "Rocky" ADRIAN
Native people in Utqiagvik, Alaska INUIT
Place for lox DELI
Places to roll on the floor laughing AISLES
Printer's blue-green color CYAN
Proposes a date to ASKSOUT
Rene of "The Thomas Crown Affair" RUSSO
Reverberate ECHO
Ruler who lived in Russia's Winter Palace TSAR
Section of a play ACT
Shake up RATTLE
Sick ILL
Stacks at a publishing house SLUSHPILES
Stereotypical tattoo dedicatee MOM
Sun, in Spanish SOL
Sweet parts of jams? GUITARSOLOS
Term of address that elides a "d" MAAM
Throw or fling TOSS
UFO pilots ETS
Vaccine research org NIH
Where sheep graze MEADOW
Wind that may be an eight on the Beaufort scale GALE
Word before "project" or "hair" PET
Works such as Yayoi Kusama's "Pumpkin" sculpture ART
___ Moines DES
___ mortals MERE