The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 29,020 - Mar 17 2023

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Clues Answers
1 in 7 is not happy GRUMPY
After 50% increase, party slackened EASEDUP
Allow mother to have a turn first, being cooperative AMEN
Bad luck? Slap this on your head SKULLCAP
Burn smog, OK with energy GOUPINSMOKE
Channel says you are heartbroken URETHRA
Dance when 17, confused about debutante's first kiss PASDEDEUX
During time of economic prosp­erity, socialist having little to do? BOREDOM
Elected president starts probing work assistants DEPUTIES
Excellent foot soldiers manoeuv­ring without loss TODIEFOR
Fancy stereo discs occasionally used for the select few ESOTERIC
Game of golf hosted by newlywed BRIDGE
Monster like Radovan Karadžic sounding certain to make a comeback CERBERUS
My muck sends off courteous setter GOOD
Clues Answers
Need to take things like a man? Opt out! KLEPTOMANIA
Other set wins fight in court? WITNESSBOX
Perhaps Austin's plant is not good enough UNSATISFACTORY
Progressive finished university GRADUATED
See 1 NESS
See 16 ABLE
So take a breath and pay? THROUGHTHENOSE
This philosophy gives patriarchal extremists a boost PLATONIC
Troublemakers temporarily live on board SCAMPS
Unclaimed billions brought up to frame politician LIBDEM
Underwear turned up in search for explosive CARBOMB
We stay on plan to protect green growth — no turning back here ONEWAY