New York Times - Oct 22 2022

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Clues Answers
'Desus & Mero' airer, for short SHO
'Easy on Me' singer, 2021 ADELE
'Give it a ___!' REST
'I've ___ a Woman' (Sonia Sanchez poetry collection) BEEN
'Kind of' suffix ISH
'So you're in?' ISTHATAYES
'That a fact?' OHREALLY
'We're doomed!' ITSALLOVER
'Well, OK, sure' UHYEAH
'What do you think?' ANYIDEA
'___ ... Sasha Fierce' (2008 #1 album) IAM
Accessory in many a baby carriage DOLL
Amount owed TAB
Areas impacted by global recessions? COASTLINES
Basic assessment PHTEST
Behind ASS
Blows away STUNS
Bully ... but not a bull COW
Connected via Bluetooth, say PAIRED
Crossbreed MIX
Decide OPT
Democracy imperative VOTE
Diagonals, in sewing BIASES
Duo who have to give up their foosball table spot LOSERS
Facilities TOILET
Fourth letter of the Arabic alphabet THA
Gen ___ (demographic group, in brief) XERS
Grape variety authorized for Bordeaux MALBEC
Intimates HINTSAT
It might be enhanced with puppy dog eyes PLEA
It's slightly larger than all of New England combined IDAHO
Knight shift, e.g CHESSMOVE
Like many bar patrons, informally IDED
McCarthy of 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' MELISSA
Clues Answers
Mobile relatives STABILES
Modern installation APP
Not supporting ANTI
One of several in a trend, statistically DATAPOINT
One shot, perhaps DOSE
One who can finally stop postponing that long R.V. trip, maybe EMPTYNESTER
Parlays, e.g WAGERS
Part of 1/2 SLASH
Person you might bring a gift for HOST
Place for some outlets MALL
Place of worship ALTAR
Queer identity for one who feels little to no romantic attraction, informally ARO
Quite a view VISTA
Santa's is H0H 0H0, in Canada POSTALCODE
Satyajit Ray's 'The ___ Trilogy' APU
Shadows TAILS
Sink hole BASIN
Some sleepless nights EVES
Someone to split the bill with COSTAR
Something a person typically drops on purpose ACID
Spice up SEASON
Stop turning, as an engine STALL
Take badly? USURP
They're about to say 'I do' NEARLYWEDS
Tourney stage SEMI
Traffic controllers, in brief? DEA
Treasure VALUE
Vikram ___, author of 'A Suitable Boy' SETH
W.N.B.A. star ___ Delle Donne ELENA
Where one might look for a good club PROSHOP
World capital whose name means 'new flower' ADDISABABA