L.A. Times Daily - May 1 2022

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Clues Answers
"... said __ ever" NOONE
"Abbott Elementary" TV network ABC
"Be there in __" ASEC
"Hey, c'mere!" PSST
"Ohhhhh" ISEE
"Pencils down" TIME
"Shaun of the Dead" director Wright EDGAR
"Shift over a bit, will ya" SCOOCH
"Sounds awesome!" SIGNMEUP
"Who's there?" HELLO
"Wonder Woman" star Gadot GAL
"You're not looking __ yourself!" SOHOT
"Young Sheldon" star Armitage IAIN
"__ Kitteridge": Pulitzer winner by Elizabeth Strout OLIVE
A/C units BTUS
Arctic chunk FLOE
Art Spiegelman graphic novel MAUS
As yet TONOW
Available if needed ONCALL
Back in RETRO
Backing PRO
Big do GALA
Body image, briefly TAT
Borders on ABUTS
Brewery array KEGS
Bumbling one SADSACK
Chart-reading exam EYETEST
Choose, in Duck, Duck, Goose TAP
Church law CANON
Classic salade NICOISE
Clean vigorously SCRUB
Cleveland's lake ERIE
Color nuance HUE
Conclusion END
Country name on some euro coins EIRE
Crank (up) REV
Cuarón film nominated for 10 Oscars ROMA
Debit slip CHIT
Deep-dish chain, familiarly UNOS
Deposed Iranian ruler SHAH
Diaper cream ingredient ALOE
Did something appealing? ASKED
Dispatch SEND
E-file org IRS
Earlier PRIOR
Early Judean king HEROD
Embarrassment SHAME
Expressed disdain TSKED
Football Hall of Famer Jones DEACON
Fortified wine from the Douro Valley PORT
Frequently found in a sonnet? OFT
G-U-M rival ORALB
Gay dating app GRINDR
Genesis locale EDEN
German camera LEICA
Ghana's capital ACCRA
Grasslands PLAINS
Hazmat monitor OSHA
Hi or bye on Lanai ALOHA
Hotmail alternative AOL
Hyland of "Modern Family" SARAH
Indian royalty RANIS
Interoffice no EXT
Kills time in an airport terminal, say SHOPS
Kim who narrates "How I Met Your Father" CATTRALL
Literary alter ego MRHYDE
Look that way SEEMTO
Clues Answers
Lou Grant's TV station WJM
Mandela's org ANC
Many a rock formation in Bryce Canyon ARCH
Melancholy poem ELEGY
Mennen product AFTA
Mets color commentator Darling RON
Michelle of "Crazy Rich Asians" YEOH
Mideast title EMIR
Multicolored fabric MADRAS
Narrow piece STRIP
Naysayers ANTIS
No-frills type ARIAL
Orch. work SYM
Outlying communities EXURBS
Pack it in EAT
Pass on, in a way RETELL
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Pie choice CHERRY
Play date? GIG
Poem section CANTO
Posh spot for a weekend getaway HOTELSPA
Quite steamy TORRID
Rae who has won five Black Reel Awards ISSA
Rain hard POUR
Rambling accounts YARNS
Rarely ordered meat? STEAK
Really, really old-school ARCHAIC
Relinquishes CEDES
River of Pisa ARNO
Romance COURT
Roomba target CRUMB
Routing abbr ATTN
Schlep LUG
Scottish writer who created 69-Down STEVENSON
Shampoo brand with an Essentials line SUAVE
Short break HIATUS
Smelter input ORES
Snobbery ELITISM
Somewhat ATAD
State tree of Iowa OAK
Sun-cracked SERE
Susan or Collin of country music RAYE
Swell up BLOAT
Tiny tunneler ANT
To an equal degree ASMUCHAS
Top-priority URGENT
Touch down LAND
Tree surgeon's transplant GRAFT
Try (for) VIE
Tuning pin on a cello PEG
Ward (off) STAVE
Weasel SNEAK
What the actor wore to work? MOVIESHORTS
What the conductor wore to work? RAILROADTIE
What the groundskeeper wore to work? GARDENHOSE
What the housekeeper wore to work? DUSTJACKET
What the messenger wore to work? BICYCLEPUMPS
What the NASA scientist wore to work? ASTEROIDBELT
What the scholar wore to work? SMARTYPANTS
What the soda jerk wore to work? COUNTERSUIT
What the truffle hunter wore to work? MUSHROOMCAP
Work with a real estate agent, say HOUSEHUNT
Wraparound dress SARI
Writer Zora __ Hurston NEALE
__ carte ALA
__ culpa MEA
__ Scotia NOVA