The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28142

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Clues Answers
About to enjoy oneself when it turns bright CLEVER
At first cat, then a dog, beside one tree or another CALABASH
August, and I am ready for holiday snap! IMPOSING
Black Prince in the end pretty heartless EBONY
Book, second that Richard wrote Moby-Dick
By the way, is it needed if this? traffic light
Cab rank relocated behind small food outlet snack bar
Came across endlessly accessible feature of classical temple METOPE
Consider oneself allowed to touch, without being charged feel free
Constant foul smell in bay CREEK
Eccentricity of families not so much when head’s away KINKINESS
Evil doctor following with attention? Forget it no fear
Expansively discuss citizen far from home I took in EXPATIATE
How hands go, having drunk chocolate in break around the clock
Clues Answers
In Model T, avoided part of Mississippi for example DELTA
It’s sweet, to take a short spin with a friend CYCLAMATE
Kind of shade fellow wears HUMANE
Knowing generous patron, his crime is a load of rubbish fly-tipper
National institution to study what youngsters are fed in the cells BEEBREAD
Philosopher picking up on what? HEGEL
Piece of bread excellent, taken by a large class CRUSTACEA
Prop removed, pass on a stone AGATE
Roofing material defective at the front, leaving opening HATCH
Someone from depressed area could move to end her rental NETHERLANDER
Temperature not hard to adjust TWEAK
What a spider does is highly precarious hangs by a thread
Where you’d hold hands and jabber POKER
With U-boats manoeuvring in, change tack about-ship