USA Today - Dec 15 2021

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Clues Answers
'. . . sorta' ISH
'My So-Called Life' actress Armstrong BESS
'Wow, thank you!' IMHONORED
A very long time AGES
Actress Blanchett CATE
Barrel sediments DREGS
Beast also known as omashkooz ELK
Bey, to Solange SIS
Bogey minus one PAR
Campfire desserts SMORES
Clicked-open greeting ECARD
Comfort SOLACE
Container of 30-Down JAR
Contributor to low visibility SMOG
Corkscrew shape SPIRAL
Cowboy Love NAT
Cuisine served by Gates in Kansas City BARBECUE
Deceive DUPE
Dessert with a repetitive name HALOHALO
Devices in some drive-thrus ATMS
Fabric coloring DYE
Faced courageously BRAVED
Faucet TAP
Feeling after golfing ACHE
First word of Iowa's capital DES
Fish with a repetitive name MAHIMAHI
Flips through disdainfully HATEREADS
Food that's French for 'saucepan' CASSEROLE
Gold or copper METAL
Hard cider alternative ALE
Heartstring-tugging appeal PLEA
Hen or rabbit ANIMAL
Herb in stuffing SAGE
Hotpot dish with a repetitive name SHABUSHABU
In another country ABROAD
In its current condition ASIS
Instrument for Nancy Allen HARP
Medical images that may involve contrast CTSCANS
Moan and groan CARP
Clues Answers
Moan and groan GRIPE
Mrs., in Spanish SRA
Nickname akin to Ned EDDIE
No-hoper GONER
One of four in a grand slam RBI
Ooh and ___ AAH
Org. that collects 1040s IRS
Organ with a lid EYE
Overhauled REDONE
Pad thai ingredient EGG
Paradise in Genesis EDEN
Pepper's partner TONY
Person from Belgrade or Subotica SERB
Place to store a shovel SHED
Places to get body scrubs SPAS
Prefix meaning 'kinda' SEMI
Problem with an old ottoman SAG
Put into words SAY
Sauce with a repetitive name PIRIPIRI
Say yes to ACCEPT
Short-term worker TEMP
Site with bidding wars EBAY
Skincare product MASK
Smell awful REEK
Soaks in hot water STEEPS
Some protest attendees MEDICS
Staple food with a repetitive name COUSCOUS
Steer clear of AVOID
Stitched line SEAM
Take a pledge SWEAR
Tartine spread JAM
Therapy hour, casually SESH
Tour leader GUIDE
Travels by foot WALKS
Visibly upset TEARY
___ de cologne EAU
___ extensions LASH
___ out (exchanged something for money) CASHED
___-friendly ECO