Irish Times (Crosaire) - Oct 14 2021

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Clues Answers
14 across opens preserves valued by someone who knows their sunflowers from their water lilies, for instance ARTTREASURES
A retweet by past master - a crafty type who knows all about the old pictures ARTHISTORIAN
Approve area around Hull close to the port ADOPT
Busy architect gets rid of art HECTIC
Do nothing for The Greens taking direction from world power with no leader VEGETATE
Don't turn a blind eye to what reporter might do TAKENOTE
Driver's aid is complete cobblers for a fair amount of those who never drink alcohol and drive, for instance TEETOTALLERS
Father upset in shady type of bar TAVERN
Gallery in the house locked up by Padraig Goldsmith LOGGIA
Has a soft spot for The Greens and that's a growing concern GARDEN
Inched away from Indo-Chinese racket NOISE
Lads falling off sailboards - it could be the pressure staying on a line ISOBAR
Lounge has fashionable job for those talking orders - it will require one to be patient before onslaught begins LIEINWAIT
More cunning from women associated with fiction in Iran WILIER
Clues Answers
Most of those in 13 across, 19 down and in hospital with Adam, presumably HEADGARDENER
Neuroscientist has no interest in relative COUSIN
Newish top on pick-up is rubbish NONSENSE
Paper provides the basic idea: 'Missing Leader is Playing in The Church' ORGANIST
Picks up that man and initially kept a hold of playing Rovers OVERHEARS
Prickly Blairite angry about first Referendum IRRITABLE
Put out of action by deli's bad organisation DISABLED
Recalls bird entertaining Pole and local Yank, an old bookmaker GUTENBERG
Recites novel about love - stuff that's puzzling to most ESOTERIC
Risky flipping call from schoolteachers HEADS
Rule from base off Bering Sea REIGN
Takes cues from sheet music and belief in the creator THEISM
Tries hot soup produced by speculative type not known for their experimentation THEORIST
Vehicle carrying The Spanish, for example, in The Wire TELEGRAM