The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,713 - Sep 14 2021

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Clues Answers
Band making one group WEDDINGRING
Basic framework fractures and I turn to engineer INFRASTRUCTURE
Blonde film star Warhol reinvented HARLOW
Bridge I lowered in US state CONNECTICUT
Champ cut in competition CHEWUP
Cow, bovine possibly? BULLY
Dessert on the turn? UPSIDEDOWNCAKE
Drink part of a bottle NECK
Filled out, invoice outstanding BILLOWED
Flipping exceptional middle of crossword puzzle REBUS
Four out of five chosen for answer ECHO
Inflexible press IRON
Instrument my violin player heard? OBOE
Clues Answers
Likely to toy with victim, rat trapping brown relative of his? CATANDMOUSE
Military punishment in attack on King Edward? SPUDBASHING
Odd bits in middle, say, discarded -- fancy! IDEA
Out-of-control movement, small issue SKID
Paddy harbours upset STROP
Perfect sun welcomed by a Scottish isle ABSOLUTE
Plain cask difficult to lift, though not hot TUNDRA
Relative, first of all, getting rather ancient now GRAN
Return of financial supplies for boat SLOOP
River race DART
Separate song STRAIN
Sweet, please be aware: one hardened at the centre NOISETTE
Tudor emblem ultimately wanting, I had to retreat in confusion DISORDER
United players criticise book about heroism, surprisingly PANTOMIMEHORSE