USA Today - Sep 25 2021

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Clues Answers
'. . . kinda' ISH
'___ not gonna know what hit 'em' THEYRE
A cyclops has one EYE
Actress in 'The Cheetah Girls' and 'Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century' RAVENSYMONE
Aid for skateboard tricks RAMP
Alaskan peak DENALI
Album starters, often INTROS
Animal care org ASPCA
Approaches NEARS
Arcade game maker ATARI
Arcade game set in a maze PACMAN
Assistance AID
Astonishment AWE
Bagel option SESAME
Bagel option LOX
Best Actress award, e.g OSCAR
Beyonce song 'Run the ___ (Girls)' WORLD
Bit of lore MYTH
Cable fastener ZIPTIE
Childbirth specialist DOULA
Comedian whose impressions include Denzel Washington and Smeagol JAYPHAROAH
Concept in Chinese philosophy TAO
Confidentiality initials NDA
Cook on a spit, for example ROAST
Corporate leaders, for short EXECS
Cove, e.g INLET
D&D creature ORC
Demolition initials TNT
Device for withdrawals ATM
El ___ (Loteria sun card) SOL
Emcee as a pair COHOST
ER workers RNS
Extreme fear TERROR
Famous person, for short CELEB
Female sheep EWE
Fix a shoe, in a way RESOLE
Guitar basics CHORDS
H.S. math class APCALC
Halloween costume with a tricorn hat PIRATE
Clues Answers
Italian for 'three' TRE
Its moons include Nix and Styx PLUTO
Like many beaches and deserts SANDY
Like old bread STALE
Lip-___ (drag show performance) SYNC
List-ending abbreviation ETAL
Loved lots ADORED
Make up for doing something wrong ATONE
Manhattan-based newspaper, for short NYT
Marathon stat PACE
Martes or miercoles DIA
Name hidden in 'Sullivan' LIV
NBA player with the nicknames 'Captain Hook' and 'RoLo' ROBINLOPEZ
Nickname for Nadal RAFA
Oak nut ACORN
Ooh and ___ AAH
Pod veggie PEA
Post-bath reward for a cat TREAT
Pro's opposite CON
Provide funding for ENDOW
Public square PLAZA
Ready to be eaten RIPE
Resource from a mine ORE
Rock music genre EMO
School of Buddhism ZEN
Slimy stuff GOO
Steeper with a spout TEAPOT
Stringy ROPY
TikTok, for one APP
Vitamin stat RDA
Wage disparity PAYGAP
Washington city TACOMA
Wedding structure ALTAR
Wool source from the Andes ALPACA
Worth paying attention to OFNOTE
___ and repeat RINSE
___ carte menu ALA
___ Mahal TAJ
___-Caps (candy) SNO