Irish Times (Simplex) - Jul 21 2021

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Clues Answers
''But I have keep / And miles to go before I sleep'' (Robert Frost) PROMISES
Ability to think rationally REASON
Absent without permission, initially AWOL
Assortments, mixtures VARIETIES
Change liquid to solid FREEZE
Classifies SORTS
Come into possession of OBTAIN
Consciousness, sentience AWARENESS
Consumes food EATS
Contaminate with disease INFECT
Declare null and void CANCEL
Detachable compartment of a spacecraft MODULE
Feeling of immense rapture ECSTASY
Identifying sets of clothes UNIFORMS
Instructions for cooking RECIPE
It provides the body with vitamin D SUNLIGHT
Large and scholarly books TOMES
Lends a hand ASSISTS
Clues Answers
Marked mail with its destination ADDRESSED
Object used to indicate a position or route MARKER
Occurring by chance RANDOM
One of the seasons SUMMER
Places to sleep BEDS
Plant that lives and dies within a year ANNUAL
Reflections or representations IMAGES
Relating to groups with common customs ETHNIC
Rigid, unbending STIFF
Stops, refrains from DESISTS
Stories, perhaps tall ones TALES
Such a person is attractive and captivating, almost hypnotic perhaps MAGNETIC
Take a loan of BORROW
Takes to be the case ASSUMES
Tingling feeling of excitement THRILL
Triangle with two equal sides ISOSCELES
Upholstered seat SOFA
Upper garments SHIRTS