The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 653 - Apr 26 2021

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Clues Answers
A dog may be company on rig at sea CORGI
Be very economical, as Surrey's opener's at crease SCRIMP
Box, last of those not required SPARE
Colluding with old Peruvian, laughs loudly INCAHOOTS
Crack crackers and become very angry GOBANANAS
Dessert? Seems not, surprisingly ETONMESS
Fitzgerald turned up with grisly tale ALLEGORY
Good series in stadium GROUND
Guide and copper shown in volume made me nervous VADEMECUM
Horrified silver possesses first sign of tarnish AGHAST
In Connecticut, a humid US state UTAH
Jokes about youth heading for rendezvous in best clothes GLADRAGS
Like some tales about Republican causing animosity FRICTIONAL
Lowest Shakespearean character BOTTOM
MP and constituent MEMBER
Clues Answers
Musketeer in that hostelry ATHOS
Noble art absorbing actors I trained ARISTOCRAT
Owned white thing, oddly novel GONEWITHTHEWIND
Page member of the clergy right away RECTO
Previous year in religious house PRIORY
Primate telephoned, enthralled by published article ORANGUTAN
Signal for action involving bishop, a solid figure CUBE
Splash of colour in wood by day DASH
Successful head of Radio 4 covered by article THRIVING
Take away and charge in turn WITHDRAW
Top game POLO
Travel document I don't know put on left PASSPORT
Unbalanced, a certain team meeting division's leader ONESIDED
Where small vessels may be repaired? Bar today, unfortunately BOATYARD