Wall Street Journal - Jan 12 2021 - A Few Brief Words

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Clues Answers
“Candy is dandy” poet NASH
“Don’t go!” STAY
“I’ve Got Love on My Mind” singer Natalie COLE
“See ya!” BYE
“True Colors” singer Lauper CYNDI
Absolute TOTAL
Agonize STEW
Agreeable answer YES
Ballpark official SCORER
Bar focus LAW
Before, before ERE
Big name in cooking oil WESSON
Body part often torn by athletes, briefly ACL
Bright SMART
Brouhaha ADO
Calming down STILLING
Cardinal, e.g RED
Clutched HELD
Diamond club BAT
Draped garment SARI
Event in Act II of “Hamilton” DUEL
Famed fountain TREVI
Festoons ADORNS
First lady between Lou and Bess ELEANOR
Gadot of “Wonder Woman” GAL
Galoot APE
Germane APT
Golden Gloves competitors AMATEURBOXERS
Had a snack NOSHED
Have way too much of ODON
Home of the NCAA’s Panthers PITT
I problem? EGO
In ___ (trapped) ABIND
Is behind OWES
Island south of Barbuda ANTIGUA
Like some traffic THRU
Clues Answers
Long proboscises ELEPHANTTRUNKS
Love letters XOXO
Luau wear LEI
Med. school subject ANAT
Mexican hot pepper SERRANO
Mineralogist with a namesake scale MOHS
Nicki Minaj or Cardi B RAPSTAR
Norm of “This Old House” ABRAM
Pen peep OINK
Perón of Argentina EVA
Peter, for one TSAR
Prepared for prayer KNEELED
Real reliable sort TROUPER
Recipe step STIR
Record LOG
Rice on shelves ANNE
Rich cakes TORTES
Russian news agency TASS
Secret compartments in some desks HIDDENDRAWERS
Skipped a big wedding ELOPED
Smells ODORS
Split base BANANA
Stereo predecessor MONO
Strange or foreign, in combinations XENO
Summer, in Nice ETE
Surfer’s board leash LEGROPE
Surrounded by AMIDST
Time on a marquee, perhaps TONITE
Turn of phrase IDIOM
Vine-covered garden archways PERGOLAS
Walk with difficulty LIMP
Was familiar with KNEW
Wee amount SMIDGEN
White source EGG
Words from one who’s treating ONME