The Guardian - Quick crossword No 15,713 - Sep 16 2020

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Clues Answers
1960 film about the leader of a Roman slave rebellion SPARTACUS
Arthur Marx, comedian, d. 1964 HARPO
Fail spectacularly CRASHANDBURN
Founder of an ancient Indian religion BUDDHA
Incline RAMP
Look like RESEMBLE
Luggage for a short stay? OVERNIGHTBAG
More humid STEAMIER
Naturally occurring crystalline sodium chloride ROCKSALT
Pictures IMAGES
Clues Answers
Refresh one's memory BRUSHUP
Sharp tooth INCISOR
Skin — cover HIDE
Small bloodsucker TICK
Small lead pellets for cartridges BUCKSHOT
Spicy biscuit GINGERNUT
Story told in illustrated panels STRIPCARTOON
Voucher COUPON
Wholesale business CASHANDCARRY
With eagerness AVIDLY
You (of old) THEE