Irish Times (Simplex) - Jun 30 2020

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Clues Answers
''... to ..., dust to dust'' (burial service) ASHES
''They also ... who only stand and wait'' (Milton) SERVE
A racket stroke BACKHAND
Alumnus of a college GRADUATE
An understanding of another's sadness SYMPATHY
Answer or reaction RESPONSE
Asian subcontinent INDIA
Censure severely CASTIGATE
Communications or errands MESSAGES
Complete and utter failure FIASCO
Decay, decompose ROT
Diminish or destroy the value or quality SPOIL
Disinclined, unwilling AVERSE
Forerunner, predecessor PRECURSOR
Giving a false appearance of frankness ARTFUL
Hardy and sure-footed animal ASS
Illegal acts CRIMES
Irritation, anger IRE
Clues Answers
Japanese verse of three lines HAIKU
Large muscle in the upper arm BICEPS
Left, went away DEPARTED
Measuring device with two hinged prongs attached to a scale CALLIPER
Monotonous routine that's hard to escape RUT
Natural hot spring GEYSER
Preferred over all others FAVOURED
Rang me up about nationality GERMAN
Requires NEEDS
Rushlike plants growing in wet places SEDGES
Softly, musically speaking PIANO
Spot on, precise EXACT
Strike back RETALIATE
The French and Italians, say EUROPEANS
Unoccupied VACANT
Young cattle CALVES
Young salmon GRILSE