Wall Street Journal - Jun 29 2020 - Double Digits

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Clues Answers
“Fat chance!” ASIF
“It’s clear to me now” OHISEE
“Jeepers!” GOLLY
“Psst! Pass ___!” ITON
“The Jungle” author Sinclair UPTON
1975 Bay City Rollers song MONEYHONEY
1998 Dennis Lehane novel made into a 2007 film GONEBABYGONE
Advice to a risk taker DONT
Apt to snap TESTY
Award won by “Hamilton” a year before it won the Tony OBIE
Basic math operation found in 17-, 23-, 37- and 45-Across ONEPLUSONE
Bath scrubber LOOFA
Be gaga for ADORE
Campus area QUAD
Canceled, as an early-season Cubs game SNOWEDOUT
Chicago daily, familiarly TRIB
Columbus sch OSU
Country accommodations INN
Crime boss Gambino CARLO
Cruise liner stop PORT
Direction opposite NNW SSE
Disco-obsessed “Simpsons” character STU
Eight-time NBA All-Star Ming YAO
Express gratitude to THANK
Fleetwood Mac’s “Walk ___ Line” ATHIN
Gaggle member GOOSE
Getaway for indulging SPA
Group of brothers FRAT
Ham it up EMOTE
High-rise coif UPDO
Historic seat for coronations in the United Kingdom STONEOFSCONE
Kin of mules ASSES
Lambs’ mothers EWES
Laugh dismissively SNORT
Lawful LICIT
Like twangy voices NASAL
Make a speech ORATE
Neighbor of Thailand LAOS
Clues Answers
New Mexico art center TAOS
Nick and Nora’s dog ASTA
Noggin, in Nantes TETE
Old-timey assent YESM
Optimistic limit SKY
Ottawa’s prov ONT
Pageantry POMP
Panasonic subsidiary SANYO
Pester, Chihuahua-style YAPAT
Physics topic ATOM
Play divisions ACTS
Prophetic sign OMEN
Protein-rich seeds QUINOA
Push-button communicators TOUCHTONEPHONES
Rash soother TALC
Reaping tool SCYTHE
Reed in the pit OBOE
Rids of wrinkles IRONS
Sanctify BLESS
Scottish denial NAE
Seems plausible RINGSTRUE
Shirt with a logo, often TEE
Sound at Supercuts SNIP
Start for girl or boy ATTA
Strong point FORTE
Suffix with ethyl or methyl ENE
Supporter for an adjustable shelf PEG
Takes advantage of USES
Taylor-Joy of 2020’s “Emma” ANYA
Tiny Marvel superhero ANTMAN
Typical high schooler TEEN
Visages FACES
Wander ROAM
Water’s edge SHORE
Week unit DAY
Well-ventilated AIRY
Wilde witticisms, often PUNS
___ Domini ANNO