- May 21 2020

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Clues Answers
''In our opinion . . .'' WESAY
''See other side'': Abbr PTO
''What's this now?'' OHO
14 Across side dish POI
Absent acceptee NOSHOW
After-dessert discards PIETINS
Aloha Tower locale OAHU
Antonym of 'neath OER
Approximate-time suffix ISH
Atlanta-based network CNN
Bard's ''over there'' YON
Barnyard sound BAA
Canning supplies LIDS
Charleston-era style DECO
Chest protector RIBCAGE
Common company name conclusion INC
Cross-shaped letters TAUS
Deviate from straight SKEW
Do wrong ERR
End of many fights TKO
Ending in geology ITE
Expose as a fraud DEBUNK
Falkland Islands nonflier (NHL/NBA, NHL) KINGPENGUIN
Follow, as a hunch ACTON
For all to hear ALOUD
Fueled, as a fire FED
Glacial periods ICEAGES
Greek liquor OUZO
Hot sauce pepper CHIPOTLE
How some MLB games are aired INHD
Husky voice RASP
Immediately ATONCE
Imports from Honshu TOYOTAS
In __ (where found) SITU
Instructs SCHOOLS
Intended to be hurtful MEAN
It has thousands of glaciers ALASKA
It's w. of Arkansas OKLA
Jazz club segments SETS
Kit __ (''four-fingered'' candy) KAT
Clues Answers
Legal release document WAIVER
Like doused campfires ASHY
Linger BIDE
Many a North African ARAB
Nothing at all ZIP
Novelist Weldon FAY
Part of some free app names LITE
Poetic praise ODE
Postproduction VIP EDITOR
Pronto NOW
Road zigzag ESS
Roadside assistant TOWTRUCK
Robot vacuum brand ROOMBA
See 1 Down EAR
Sister channel of 21 Across TBS
Smack real good SWAT
Small splash PLOP
Striped sea hunter (MLB, NHL) TIGERSHARK
Suffix for stock ADE
Sum people ADDERS
Tantalizes TEASES
Tanzania neighbor RWANDA
Terse affirmation IAM
Tex-Mex wrap FAJITA
They love to be flattered EGOS
Tool for piercing AWL
Totally love something EATITUP
Triangular home style AFRAME
Triangular sail JIB
Two-thirds of dodeca- OCTO
Urban way AVENUE
Value equivalence PARITY
Veer as you steer YAW
Western Pacific nation PALAU
What K often follows PRE
With 2 Down, bookmark of a sort DOG
Word-of-mouth knowledge LORE
Yellowstone beast (NBA, NFL) GRIZZLYBEAR
Young predatory feline (NFL/NHL, MLB) PANTHERCUB
__ torch (luau light) TIKI