The Washington Post - May 5 2020

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Clues Answers
'OMG, funny!' LOL
'That's big news!' WOW
'Ultimate Driving Machine' vehicles BMWS
'You betcha' YEP
'__ you sweet!' ARENT
*'Don't be so oblivious' GETACLUE
*'I'd do the same thing again' NOTSORRY
*'Stupid superstition,' for one TONGUETWISTER
*The opportunity to be successful again ANEWLEASEONLIFE
+ or - particle ION
Admission of deceit ILIED
Asylum seeker EMIGRE
Baby marsupial JOEY
Backyard barbecue staple BURGER
Bay Area force: Abbr SFPD
Beast with tusks BOAR
Became clear to, with 'on' DAWNED
Bright star NOVA
Brown ermine STOAT
Capital of Georgia (the country) TBILISI
Carries the day WINS
Cast out OUST
Chinese leader who said, 'Women hold up half the sky' MAO
Clapton classic LAYLA
Color tones HUES
Completely enjoyed RELISHED
Considerate POLITE
Cry after un gol OLE
Data transmission unit BAUD
Defunct luxury New York department store BARNEYS
Director Craven WES
Ethylene __: antifreeze GLYCOL
Evening with the kids, or when the ends of the answers to starred clues might be played FAMILYGAMENIGHT
Eye-boggling work OPART
Feds under Ness TMEN
Foreboding sign OMEN
Clues Answers
Friend's pronoun THEE
Grabs a snack NOSHES
Headed up LED
Jones of the Monkees DAVY
Kinda ISH
Last round contestant FINALIST
Latin greeting AVE
Leaves at the altar JILTS
Like creamy desserts RICH
Like some jokes OLD
Musician Yoko ONO
Natl. population, e.g EST
New Haven collegians ELIS
News story opening LEDE
North America's highest peak DENALI
Nos. on an airport board ETDS
One picking up the staff lunch order, perhaps GOFER
Optometrist's concern EYESIGHT
Postpones DEFERS
Propose, as a theory POSIT
Quake aftershock TREMOR
Ruby, for one GEM
Scrutinize using, as a microscope PEERINTO
Sing (out) loudly BELT
Small sizes PETITES
Soccer immortal PELE
Some beers: Abbr IPAS
Stick in a boat OAR
Swedish soprano Jenny LIND
Swiss high point ALP
Type of energy or reactor ATOMIC
Unmoving Calder work STABILE
When toddlers snooze NAPTIME
Words with bow or knot TIEA
Wrestler's goal PIN
__ Vegas LAS