The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8236

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Clues Answers
Ancient university town OXFORD
Assist HELP
Becomes liable to INCURS
Bounce back REBOUND
Box; wing beam SPAR
Completely ENTIRELY
Cook (an egg) in water POACH
Dickens-based musical OLIVER
Diligent, hard-working INDUSTRIOUS
Discontinue (a session of parliament) PROROGUE
Disorderly retreat ROUT
Eg, Vesuvius or Etna VOLCANO
Expressed opposition OBJECTED
Clues Answers
Formally praises COMMENDS
Gesture of indifference SHRUG
Grinding tooth MOLAR
Group's distinctive character ETHOS
Italian rice dish RISOTTO
Low-calorie fat-free
Owing money in debt
Pastoral people of East Africa MASAI
Repulsive ODIOUS
Shooting star METEOR
Smoke duct FLUE
Written defamation LIBEL