Irish Times (Crosaire) - Mar 25 2020

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Clues Answers
Chance to play for the county? No thanks! TURNDOWN
Fail to remember Mark out to get American to ignore local DRAWABLANK
Fellow produced a computer-aided design to train mice ACADEMIC
Flower from the foreign revolution is dividing opinion POLARISING
Fruits baked to a crisp APRICOTS
Gave out to American linked to unreliable designs ASSIGNED
Has a job marketing online family perhaps PUBLICRELATIONS
Irish writer lost heart to broad WIDE
It's yet to be confirmed a foreign professional isn't finished on range UNPROVEN
Kitty Garner is charged COLLECTION
Launches tirade out of desperation OPENS
Little exercise for mousey type with energy PETITE
Lost in cut reeds or in the forest ELDERS
Motorway parking in this country is big business EMPIRE
Clues Answers
Network mostly for soldiers bringing others to view the site WEBCAM
Oriental boss has links to La Familia RELATION
Parents, for example, upset by vandalism DAMAGE
Romantic partner hasn't got a starter - one of those in the kitchen put it in the oven for too long OVERCOOK
Ron from Newport broke down WEPT
Serious lapses by borderline characters in Simpsons SINS
Talk the talk? DIALOGUE
Tee off in tense, rustic retreats INNS
That man from old police force capturing ring is deserving of a medal HEROIC
The best banks to take steps TOPS
The wrong type of tennis Pro has no pot SINNER
Thought up in orthopaedics IDEA
Where it begins to root ORIGIN
Words to describe 24-hours in a Bandon place of work CALLITADAY