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Clues Answers
"Alas!" WOE
"Alas!" AHME
"Climb — Mountain" EVRY
"Cool" moola amount MIL
"Every day — new day" ISA
"Hi, Don Ho!" ALOHA
"Oh, really?" ISIT
"On the Beach" novelist Shute NEVIL
"Out of Africa" writer Dinesen ISAK
"Sure, put me down for it" IMIN
"That's the guy!" HIM
"Uncle Moses" novelist Sholem ASCH
"Wouldn't It Be —" ("My Fair Lady" song) LOVERLY
1990s fitness fad TAEBO
Aflame LIT
Ailment with red spots MEASLES
Alibi, e.g EXCUSE
Bad blood ENMITY
Bad booze HOOCH
Barbuda's partner island ANTIGUA
Be the victor WIN
Big name in cassette tapes, once MEMOREX
Bit of force DYNE
Bit of Viking writing RUNE
Bites lightly NIPSAT
Books filled with maps ATLASES
Bottom BASE
Brief tussle SETTO
Calendar spans: Abbr YRS
Calendar spans: Abbr MOS
Came after that ENSUED
Candle parts WICKS
Canon camera series EOS
Charge to run a promo ADRATE
Composer Carmichael HOAGY
Confess about ADMITTO
Corp. money handlers CFOS
Country singer Tillis MEL
Dice toss THROW
Dict. lookup DEF
Dominion EMPIRE
Ear feature LOBE
Emergency room sorting TRIAGE
ETs' craft UFO
Eva, Magda and Zsa Zsa GABORS
Feline in competitions SHOWCAT
Feudal toilers SERFS
Firebug's crime ARSON
Fix at the vet's NEUTER
Flip out GONUTS
Format of AP Radio Network ALLNEWS
Frat letters NUS
Gave a prize to AWARDED
Gen — (millennials) YERS
Get — start (not begin on time) ALATE
Her niece is Dorothy Gale AUNTEM
Hero-worship ADULATE
Hot dog, informally WIENIE
Immigrants' class, in brief ESL
Infantry division UNIT
Israeli statesman Abba EBAN
Italian handbag brand FENDI
Jimmy Dorsey hit SORARE
Lasso part NOOSE
Lay new turf on RESOD
Lemmon/Wilder comedy AVANTI
Leopardlike animal OCELOT
Library no-no NOISE
Clues Answers
Like many horse hooves SHOD
Make mad RILE
Make — for it (take off) ARUN
Many minors TEENS
Middle name of Emerson WALDO
Miniver's title MRS
Moon of Neptune TRITON
More furtive SLIER
Most sharp KEENEST
Neck and neck, scorewise INATIE
Not in the country ABROAD
Not wholly PARTLY
Not — (fair to middling) SOHOT
Novelist Calvino ITALO
Objects THINGS
Odists, e.g POETS
On the move ASTIR
Onetime foe of the USSR USA
Optimistic HOPEFUL
Pal, to Pierre AMI
Pedicure target TOENAIL
Poker post ANTE
Possible reply to "Are you sure?" IAM
Pouty states SNITS
Prefix with cuspid TRI
Pro-school gp NEA
Reach as far as GOOUTTO
Reaction to a punch OOF
Reject rudely SPURN
Rental for relocation UHAUL
Rhino's pair HORNS
Riddle, part 3 TOWATCHAN
Riddle, part 4 INDEPENDENT
Riddle, part 5 MOVIEWHAT
Roman 106 CVI
Rural assent to a woman YESM
Sci-fi sage YODA
Shed feathers MOLT
Shepherd once of "The View" SHERRI
Smear all over BEDAUB
Sounding like a crow CAWING
Spacek of "3 Women" SISSY
Store window info: Abbr HRS
Submit, as homework HANDIN
Suffix with east ERN
Swiss canton or its capital GENEVA
Take hold again, as a plant REROOT
Tautness TENSITY
Tease in fun TWIT
Tehran native IRANI
Three, in Munich DREI
Thurman of "Kill Bill" UMA
Tom Cruise's role in "Mission: Impossible" ETHANHUNT
Try, as a case HEAR
Turkish VIPs of old PASHAS
Under oath legally DULYSWORN
Violin master Mischa ELMAN
Waikiki wear BIKINI
Waikiki wear LEI
Wash gently against, as the shore LAPAT
Yale alumni ELIS
Zodiac feline LEO
— -bah (big wheel: Var.) POO
— McAn (big name in footwear) THOM
— two (a few) ONEOR